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2005/2006 G6 3.5L Performance Tune
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2005/2006 G6 3.5L Performance Tune

Price: $299.99

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WAMS is now proud to be the only company tuning the 05/06 G6 3.5L with the P05 controller.

Here is a highlight of the 100+ changes made to the G6 3.5L PCM

• Proprietary extensive fuel and spark mapping for high octane fuels. (Premium Fuel Recommended for best results) Unless of course you opt for the 87 octane version.

• Revised torque management settings allow the 3.5L to get mroe power to the ground.

• Shift torque managment recalibrated to allow the engine to actually keep some timing in during shifts, the stock calibration had negative timing on some shifts.

• Beta and end users report a significant increase in fuel economy (2+ MPG); your mileage may vary. (91+ Octane calibrations only).

• Raised rev limiter to accommodate the engines new power band (6300 RPM)

• Top Speed limiter completely removed.

• Fan turn on points adjusted slightly for more power and better fuel economy.


Please note that if you choose the Spare PCM option these units ARE special order.


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Customer Reviews:

Buxto1lj  (Tuesday, 11 February 2014)
Rating: 5
Breathed life into my car! MPG of a hybrid and feel of a beast! Little sketchy on the customer service and responding to emails but the tune makes up
for it!

Miguel.mejia  (Monday, 03 September 2012)
Rating: 5
Easy install. Bought the 91 octane tune and when im stopped at a red light my steering wheel seems smoother hardly any vibration. Everything so far
works great but havent tried to see if my speed limiter is removed lol

Lampoon  (Wednesday, 24 December 2008)
Rating: 5
Nice. Woke the car up. Thanks again!! RobertrnPS...CRAB INTAKES ROCKS!! lolrnrnMin characters is 100 on ur reviews?? Ok.....lets see....Merry

bcraig70  (Wednesday, 26 November 2008)
Rating: 5
5 star review. Everything works great. If I had another vehicle for this product, I would most definitely purchase anohter one. Excellent
communication, and customer support. rnrnThanksrnrnBarry

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