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Onstar/VCIM Module Rework for Bluetooth IntegrationXM Module Unlock

Onstar/VCIM Module Rework for Bluetooth Integration

Onstar/VCIM Module Rework for Bluetooth Integration

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WAMS is proud to announce its ship in service to assist GM vehicle owners in retrofitting Bluetooth in to their vehicles. This one of a kind service allows you to send in a salvage Bluetooth module and we:

-"Re-green" the unit to make it usable in another vehicle (for salvage units) Allows onstar to reprogram the vehicle information after we remove the "activation lock".

-Reprogram the unit using our custom setup to allow it to retrofit correctly into non BT vehicles

-Update the software to make the unit plug and play (no wires to cut depending on application)

The only item you will need to do on your end as a customer is plug the unit in and press the blue OnStar button and tell them your dealer replaced the unit. This may take several tries (likely with escalation) however OnStar will relink the account to the newly programmed unit and it will work flawlessly just as your old unit did; please see terms and conditions for more details/information/sitpulations.  

PLEASE NOTE: This service is ONLY available for GM Part # 25984444, 20783877 and its supersedent 20827036 these are the ONLY modules we have tested and will perform this service on. There is a bad batch of the 25984444 out there so please be careful when ordering (Check GM bulletin for bad Station ID range) This service will only work for vehicles equipped with OnStar control pass-through for the steering wheel controls IE you can press a button on your steering wheel (or hold it) to activate onstar currently. 




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Customer Reviews:

ChetAHammonds  (Thursday, 04 August 2016)
Rating: 5
I followed their directions and sent in the proper refurb (Ebay) vcim with my vin and other info and it worked like a charm. Showed up within a week
of them receiving it. Popped the old one out, put the new one in, called Onstar and they got me a tech who associated the new (to me) vcim to my 2007
Sierra 2500HD Duramax and all is fine with the world. My purchased minutes showed up, and the blue tooth works with my iphone, Just what I
needed/wanted. The newer vcim can understand my southern accent and it sounds more human and less R2D2!

08Escalade  (Sunday, 17 July 2016)
Rating: 5
Very fast turn around service, WAMS received my VCIM on 7/6/16 and it was delivered back to me on 7/13/16 after being reprogrammed to my vin. I
installed the module #20827036 in my 2008 Escalade and after some research got my iPhone 6 to Bluetooth pair with my vehicle. Hint, on my vehicle I
had to use this procudure found on a TahoeYukonForum: "Hold steering wheel voice button for two seconds, you will hear a beep then say ONSTAR,
the system will reply that Onstar is ready, then say BLUETOOTH, then say PAIR, the system will ask you to run your phones Bluetooth scan and the
system will also give you the PIN number you need to enter in to your phone. WAMS was quick to answer my email questions on the weekend during posted
operating hours. I'm still waiting for OnStar to be able to communicate with my new module, but all and all a great service provided by WAMS.

hatoncat  (Monday, 22 September 2014)
Rating: 5
Excellent service. With a couple quick answers from WAMS, I sent in the right VCIM for my 2009.5 G6 (20833261).rnrnWAMS sent me back the VCIM all
reprogrammed, and it popped right in. Both Bluetooth and OnStar now work perfectly and instantly. All I had to do was screw the Bluetooth antenna onto
the VCIM and plug the VCIM into the car.rnrnA great add for any '08-'11 HHR/Cobalt/Malibu/G5/G6/Solstice/Sky/Astra/Aura and probably a few other GM
cars of this era... you just need the voice recognition button on your steering wheel to be Bluetooth-capable!

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