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2012-14 Full Size Truck/SUV IWM/Unlock Programming

2012-14 Full Size Truck/SUV IWM/Unlock Programming

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Our WAMS exclusve custom unlock programming is now available for the 2012-2014 GM Full Size Truck NAV Radio! This service allows complete functionality of the radio at all times no more lockouts when the vehicle changes states. Features are dependent upon what kind of hardware you have for instance if your radio doesn't already play DVD's when stationary it wont after this programming but it will allow you to access the other features that get locked out. If you have questions as to which features this will allow you to use please email us and let us know which type of radio you have.

This is a ship in service for the radio only. You don't need to send anything else other than the actual radio module to us. Compare this service to the lockpick type devices that dont (and won't) exist for these radios at $100 more than our offering and no extra hardware to add! 

Check out this youtube video for a quick example of the operation of this programming:





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Customer Reviews:

Justinv1970  (Saturday, 25 February 2017)
Rating: 5
Just got my hdd nav unit back from Whites, and I cant be more pleased with the way it works. Purchased the unit from an online source that advertised
it as 'plug and play' . I found that was far from the truth. Not only did Whites unlock the nav data entry screen, they also installed the correct
calibrations for my truck's options.rnThanks for the great service!

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