All Applications:
Engine data display in DIC (available PIDs/Data varies based on engine type)
TPMS reprogram
TPMS disable
Work light
Strobe lights
SDM key relearn
Brake pedal sensor relearn
SecureIdle (locks shifter in park when you hit lock on the remote keyfob with engine running)
Read/Clear DTCs (ECM)
Radio VIN Reset
Learn new keyfobs (2011+ GM removed the ability for users to self-program keyfobs from the DIC, the AutoSync adds the keyfob learn ability back in)
BCM Programming – Calibrations Purchased Separately
RCDLR Programming – Calibrations Purchased Separately
Radio Programming – Calibrations Purchased Separately

Uplevel, or midlevel with DL3:
Windows up/down via remote keyfob
Add one-touch-up front drivers window
Add one-touch-down rear windows
Auto mirror fold at key-off/out

2012-2014 with UYS nav:
Turn signal activated backup camera
Manual backup camera on-demand control (Rear Camera In Motion)

Injector balance rates
Injection pump test
DPF force regen
High idleControl
EFILive/EZ Lynk switchable tuning from DIC/shifter buttons. 
Torque converter lockup controller
Allison transmission fast learn/TAPS clear

HD pickup trucks:
Launch control (only works on trucks that have stabilitrak)