Q: Is the unit VIN locked?
A: The unit itself is not VIN locked. All of the functions listed OUTSIDE of the Module Programming Menu will work on any supported vehicle. All features inside of the Module Programming menu are VIN specific as the application software/calibration are built specifically for that VIN and will not load on any other vehicle.

Q: Does the unit need to stay in the vehicle to retain functionality?
A: Any function not added directly by module programming will need the unit to remain plugged in to use that functionality. So basically if the feature wasn’t added by programming your BCM, HMI etc the unit will need to remain plugged in. We can supply a splitter that will allow you to tuck the module up under the dash and unscrew your OBD port and replace it with another OEM style one so that the unit is invisible if needed.

Q: How is the unit configured?
A: Using the factory touch screen to enable or disable options and/or program factory modules.

Q: What is included in the tool only price?
A: Everything you see in the supported functions and features list for your vehicle architecture is included. If you want advanced options that come with BCM, HMI (and other module) programming those services as mentioned in the application list are separate products that are optional / sold separately the AutoSync has the ability to load.