2005 / 2006 G6 3.5L Performance Tune


G6 Malibu Aura


WAMS is now proud to be the only company tuning the 05/06 G6 3.5L with the P05 controller.

Here is a highlight of the 100+ changes made to the G6 3.5L PCM

• Proprietary extensive fuel and spark mapping for high octane fuels. (Premium Fuel Recommended for best results) Unless of course you opt for the 87 octane version.

• Revised torque management settings allow the 3.5L to get mroe power to the ground.

• Shift torque managment recalibrated to allow the engine to actually keep some timing in during shifts, the stock calibration had negative timing on some shifts.

• Beta and end users report a significant increase in fuel economy (2+ MPG); your mileage may vary. (91+ Octane calibrations only).

• Raised rev limiter to accommodate the engines new power band (6300 RPM)

• Top Speed limiter completely removed.

• Fan turn on points adjusted slightly for more power and better fuel economy.

This is a ship in service for your PCM, we do not supply hardware.


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