2007+ G6 / Malibu / Aura 3.6L Performance Tune


G6 Malibu Aura

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  •  Extensive fuel and spark mapping for high octane fuels, 87 octane tune does not increase spark but does remap fuel.
  •  Revised torque management scheme for increased power out of the hole and at the shifts. This makes a huge difference in both daily driving and at the race track!
  • Fully remapped transmission settings including reduction of torque management and perfect precise downshifts and 6800RPM WOT upshifts
  •  Improved fuel economy, ~2MPG on premium fuel calibrations.
  • Top Speed Limiter removed, make sure you have tires capable of speeds you are trying to attain!

Hosepower gains are quite impressive under the curve and peak to peak gains average about ~15WHP and 12Lbs/Ft.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a ship in service for your ECM, we do not supply hardware.

Note: The TCM for the six speed automatic is INSIDE the transmission and is actually part of the valve body.


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