2015-2018 Canyon / Colorado Custom BCM Programming


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WAMS Spec BCM programming is the result of countless hours of development as well as copious amounts of customer input and feedback . We’ve taken our most commonly requested modifications (and thrown in some new ones as well!) and rolled them all into one convenient, “choose your own adventure” type package; all at a more desirable price point.

With the introduction of the AutoSync and it’s Over the Air (OTA) delivery method we have worked with BT Dieselworks to not only add new functionality but are now at a point where we can let you the customer choose which options you’d like for a more customized experience. This has resulted in even more features but at the same time no vehicle downtime and processing time is leaps and bounds ahead of the old ship in method which offered considerably less options than you see before you today!

So what features/options are available on the “new” WAMS Spec BCM?

  • Approach Lighting Customization – These are the lights that come on when you press the key fob unlock or the unlock button on the door on SUV’s. These trucks look fantastic with just the DRL’s and Fog lamps on the front.
  • Exit Lighting Customization – Much like approach lighting above these are the lamps that come on when you turn the vehicle off to light your path. The Manual option allows your exit lighting to be triggered by activating the “flash to pass” function not automatically like factory.
  • Daytime running lamp settings – This submenu allows you to reconfigure your DRL settings if necessary including US Spec Headlamp controls, remapping the DRL’s to other lamps etc.
  • Remote Start – Add remote start to vehicles not configured from the factory with it.
  • Extended Remote Start Run Time – Remote start run time is extended to 20 Minutes per cycle for added heating/cooling time!
  • Auto Door Lock Disable – This feature adds a menu in the vehicle configuration to allow you to disable the Auto Door Lock function.
  • Fog Lamps Enable – This is for people adding factory wired fog lamps to the vehicle.
  • Fog Lamps allowed with high beams – Pretty self-explanatory your fog lamps no longer disable with the high beams on AND Intellibeam (auto high beams) no longer disables fog lamps.
  • Cargo lamps allowed out of park – Control your cargo lamps in any vehicle state including in motion.
  • Turn signal Hyperflash Delete – Allows for installation of LED turn signals by deleting Hyperflash and bulb outage detection on those circuits as well.
  • Tap to Pass Turn Signal Count – Increases the amount of “flashes” or activations of the turn signal when you tap the stalk for a lane change
  • Key in ignition Chime Timer – Keeps that annoying “GONG” sound from going on forever when you have the key in the ignition with the door open.
  • Heated/Cooled Seat Enable – Enables support for heated and cooled seats for those adding factory correct wired units in.
  • TPMS Disable / Enable – Allows for TPMS to be removed from your vehicle OR added (which will require custom cluster programming to display tire pressures) WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES ARISING FROM REMOVAL OF THE TPMS SYSTEM.
  • Anti-Lockout Disable – This allows the door locks to function with the keys in the ignition. Be careful if you choose this option!
  • Speed Limiter Removal – This will remove the factory speed limiter from your vehicle.

For this particular service due to processing time and the obvious downtime associated with shipping these in we have shifted all of our resources to delivery from a ship in service to the AutoSync tool.

PLEASE NOTE: The AutoSync will not arrive ready to immediately program your vehicle however it will have instructions on how to register the unit. After registration of unit you’ll need to connect the AutoSync to WiFi as outlined in the AutoSync Instructions (either in vehicle or off board) and the unit will push your vehicles information to the server. After the push process is completed we will license your unit (this is not instant) and you may then login by clicking HERE to choose your Calibration options! After that simply update the unit again to pull the new calibrations to your unit and program your truck; yes its that simple!

If you already have an AutoSync please do not order this version of the service but instead check out the product specifically for existing customers.

*note the extra cost on the 2017+ units is due to additional labor due to increased security.



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