G6/Malibu 3.9L Performance Tune


G6 Malibu Aura


Here are just some of the extensive changes we made to the G6 3.9L ECM:
• Proprietary extensive fuel and spark mapping for high octane fuels. THIS REQUIRES PREMIUM FUEL!

• Elimination of the Power Enrichment delay that causes lean A/F ratios under load.
• Revised “nanny controls” for hellacious burnouts and shifts. This will be a must for anyone who wants to race their car! Not only does the 3.9L make more power and low end torque but the computer will now actually allow it to hit the ground.
• Increased timing in cruise areas for improved fuel economy: Beta and end users report a significant increase in fuel economy (2+ MPG); your mileage may vary.
• Raised rev limiter to accommodate the engines new power band.
There are many more changes but these are the highlights.

Horsepower gains are large under the curve but peak to peak. This unit typically gains 10-15 horsepower at the tires Results depend on fuel used, weather conditions and vehicle condition.

This is a ship in service for your ECM/TCM, we do not supply hardware.


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