1. If your vehicle has Passive Entry (No Physical Key) enter your vehicle and press and hold the Start Button WITHOUT pressing the brake to put the vehicle into “Run” mode. The vehicle needs to be in this mode to program your BCM. If you have a keyed vehicle simply turn your key to the “run” position without starting your engine.
  2. Plug the flash tool into your OBD2/ALDL/Diagnostic port located below the drivers side dash area. The light should be solid blue.
  3. Leave the unit plugged in for 30 seconds so it can capture your vehicles calibration data.
  4. Remove the Flash Tool from your vehicle and turn your ignition off.
  5. Take the Flash Tool inside near your WiFi Access Point/Router and using the supplied Mini USB cable power up the unit (preferable to use an actual power adapter for this) while pressing the “A” button.
  6. After a moment use your phone (or PC) to connect to the “AutoSync” WiFi network.
  7. Open a web browser and you should be redirected to a setup page, if no setup page appears please manually enter this address in the address bar without the quotes “” at this point you should see a setup menu.
  8. Choose your WiFi network and enter your WiFi password and the unit should connect and begin to push data to the server. You may also manually enter a network name for hidden networks.
  9. After the update is successful the unit will show a solid blue light which will eventually turn off and flash a red light every 10 seconds.
  10. After this is completed just to make sure everything pushed properly please complete step 5 again to push the data once more you will not need to setup the wifi network again.
  11. Now that the calibrations are uploaded to the server they must be created on our end. Each vehicle is built individually not only based on OEM content but also your requested modifications. You can find the approximate lead time using the “Processing / Lead Time” button in your order confirmation email. Please do not contact us regarding order status during the posted Lead Time, it slows the entire process down for everyone.
  12. You will receive an email when your software is ready to be pushed to your Flash Tool. At this point repeat step 5 to update the unit and download your vehicle specific software to the unit.
  13. Repeat Steps 1 and 2.
  14. Wait 20 Seconds for the Flash Tool to set up
  15. Press the “B” button (button closest to you) and watch the LED color change on the unit
  16. The unit is now programming, it will alternate between Blue/Red/Pink/Purple as it programs. When the unit is done programming it will flash Blue repeatedly.
  17. Remove the Flash Tool from your vehicle, box up the Flash Tool and return it.
  18. Enjoy your new functionality!