For over twenty years White Auto and Media Services (WAMS) has supplied various products and services to a wide variety of Automotive markets. From Importers and Exporters to Automotive Dealerships around the world and every market segment in-between.

So what makes us the “go-to” for so many companies and individuals all over the world?

The formula is surprisingly simple when you break it down:

Experience – We have over twenty years of experience in nearly all facets of the automotive industry and have seen almost every scenario imaginable. Because of this we know how to work within those scenarios to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Process – Our development process is just as intensive as it is extensive. We never rush products to market simply to be the first; we test each product extensively (almost to a fault) across different variants of the vehicle we are targeting. We have on numerous occasions purchased a vehicle for development because we couldn’t find the right combination locally to test long term.

OEM Level Attention to Detail – To be blunt our modus operandi is if it cant be done to OEM specs in an OEM manner we simply wont do it. We will never compromise and do “half the job” simply to make a buck. We don’t follow the “but it works” crowd when they are referring to something that “works” but doesn’t work like it should if the factory did it. OEM or not at all; words we live by.

Innovation – 99% of the products we offer are first to market exclusive solutions that we have painstakingly created AND of course as mentioned above, fully tested. While others try to copy our work and even our platform (down to our website/pictures if you can believe it) copying products without knowing how they work can be disastrous on many levels including potential legal implications. We believe in innovation, not duplication. Benjamin Franklin said it best “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Factory New Hardware The overwhelming majority of modules we provide are brand new with full OE warranty. While some older applications only have factory refurbished units available due to their age even those carry the full OE warranty registered to the vehicles VIN. This is a no brainer while others are trying to sell used/second hand/salvage/core exchange modules buried in their terms and conditions all at prices many times HIGHER than ours for brand new hardware; a no brainer!

No Cores – Thats right we have NO core charges! We dont want your old parts back, you’re free to sell them to recoup some of your investment.

Warranty – We saved the best for last! The overwhelming bulk of our services are offered by Automotive Dealerships directly to customers with ZERO impact to the vehicle Warranty and we of course stand behind our products as well 110%.