When it comes to logistics WAMS runs a tight ship. These instructions will not only help your order be completed in a timely fashion but also keep your items safe in transit!

Please use these instructions immediately *AFTER* placing an order so we know it’s coming and can schedule it as your order is scheduled after it’s placed so please ship your items in immediately following placing your order. This will also notify our logistics partner to accept the package. You cannot ship us anything without an order being placed prior to shipment.

-Please use UPS or FedEx. We have had MAJOR issues on inbound shipments with USPS. If you choose not to heed this warning expect damage/late arrival etc; there is a reason for this warning please heed it.

-Please DO NOT use Amazon Boxes. We get it. Everyone has a ton of these laying around the house however with their shift to local deliveries the boxes are cheap super thin wall and generally don’t fare well as they have a high likelihood to rupture or get crushed in transit.

-Please DO NOT use Styrofoam Peanuts / Chunks or Shredded Paper or ANY OTHER DIRTY MATERIALS. Please use Bubble Wrap, heavy craft paper or similar CLEAN materials. Not only are these materials reusable but they also wont break into little pieces, get into your parts or make a mess in our clean room!

Please DO NOT put modules in just pad pak/bubble wrap mailers! We cant believe this has to be said however there has been a resurgence of this. Yes modules are somewhat durable however a plastic cased HMI will be destroyed with a battle against a larger package during sorting; we’ve seen this multiple times.

-Please DO NOT use Air Bladders/Bags on modules with sharp edges! This sounds like a no brainer but we have had plenty of damaged items because someone thought it would be OK to wrap those thin walled large plastic air bladders around metal modules that have sharp edges. Eventually in transit the unit ends up chewing up all of the bladders and flopping around in the box which is definitely not ideal.

-If you are shipping an instrument cluster consider a microfiber cloth to cover the cluster lens. This can keep dirt from getting trapped between the lens and packing material and creating micro scratches in the lens (or full scratches!)

-Understand that your materials will be reused. This just simply means dont create a tape web around an item that we have to cut away that will make it impossible to reuse your packing material. By all means secure your items but if possible make them easy to unwrap and repack securely. You are responsible for ensuring your item(s) are properly packed for both legs of the journey we do not repackage items that are improperly packaged.

-YOU *MUST* WRITE YOUR ORDER (or RMA) NUMBER AND TYPE OF SERVICE (e.g.”PPV Radio” or “Denali Cluster” etc.) ON THE BOX! This one is paramount as our logistics partner WILL NOT ACCEPT items for us that do not have a valid order or RMA number on them and the service type helps sort your item for fastest possible service. If you are having a third party ship your package MAKE SURE THEY ARE AWARE OF THIS REQUIREMENT! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR YOUR PACKAGE IF YOU CHOOSE TO IGNORE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.

If you’ve followed the above recommendations you’re ready to send your item(s); exciting isn’t it?! Please send your items to:

White Automotive & Media Services
30773 Milford Road
New Hudson, MI 48165

NOTE: If you are seeing a disparity in the cost to ship to us compared to return shipping we quote on the website it’s important to understand there are some logical differences that could be causing that. Most importantly is whats called “Dimensional Weight” which means UPS uses package SIZE to add additional weight to the shipment. Our site is calibrated for the OEM packing dimensions and weight but also adds full insurance. The other disparity may be you are shipping TO a commercial address whereas most of the time we are returning your item to your home; this can add significant cost.