When it comes to logistics WAMS runs a tight ship. These instructions will not only help your order be completed in a timely fashion but also keep your items safe in transit!

Please use these instructions AFTER placing an order so we know its coming and can schedule it. This will also notify our logistics partner to accept the package.

-Please use UPS or FedEx. We have had issues with USPS in the past but if they are your shipper of choice thats fine just make sure you insure your package for the trip to us.

-Please do not use Styrofoam Peanuts. Please use Bubble Wrap, heavy craft paper, foam etc. Not only are these materials reusable but they also wont break into little pieces and get into your parts!

-Please put your order number on the box or shipping label! This one is paramount as our logistics partner will not accept items for us that do not have an order number on them.

If you’ve followed the above recommendations you’re ready to send your item(s); exciting isn’t it? Please send your items to:

White Automotive & Media Services
30773 Milford Road
New Hudson, MI 48165