A Brief History of Time – At WAMS

See what we did there?

To begin this journey we need to first introduce you to our President: Chris White. Long before starting WAMS Chris had been reverse engineering and programming things nearly his entire life. According to his mother Chris wrote his first program in Basic at age five sneaking in time on her computer while she was studying computers for her Master’s Degree. Shortly thereafter he was building full computers, raiding Radio Shack for parts to build other devices and even got his Amateur Radio license at age fourteen. It wasn’t long until he was exchanging pleasantries with people all over the globe via Amateur Radio voice and data Satellites. The whole operation was complex and involved but it was rewarding, especially for a High School Freshman. but one thing was for sure; he loved the challenge. Chris even did a stint at a prestigious school for Gifted Children and went on to higher education completing a double major in a breakneck three years at a renown Business/Automotive oriented University.

The concept for WAMS originated in the late 1990’s when Chris was starting his career in Automotive Journalism at the now defunct publisher Primedia/Source Interlink. Chris was a Technical and Contributing Editor for quite a few Publications and Television Shows such as High Performance Pontiac, GM High Tech Performance and Motor Trend; to name a few. It was during this time creating many magazine project cars and SEMA show cars that he met the crew from Digital Horsepower or DHP; a Powertrain/Engine Control Module tuning company in what was the very early days of tuning OEM powertrain controllers for maximum performance. Previously Chris had “burned” a few chips for Grand Nationals and the like but “seeing the DHP crew hex editing a calibration file raw basically from memory as to where the tables were then uploading it via the ALDL port was a bit like magic to me. I saw my two worlds collide during that dyno tuning session and that was it; I was hooked”. “Dave Buckshaw and Charles Beyer were really my mentors, I don’t think they knew it at the time and I likely didn’t either; we were all so wrapped up in just doing really neat cutting edge stuff and just trying to go faster and faster that I had tunnel vision”.

It was then that the basic concept for White Automotive & Media Services was born and officially first conducted business in 2000.

There’s even more to our story and countless more pages to be written but this is what drives us; a collision of passion for all things Automotive and Electronic.