2007-2014 C/K Truck / SUV Custom BCM Programming



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This product is now available exclusively from BT Diesel Works.

You can find this (and other really cool products!) here:

WAMS custom BCM programming has been available since 2007 for these vehicles however a current surge in orders for this service has lead us to create its very own product rather than simply using our custom programming checkout item. We can create a custom calibration to do almost anything your heart desires. We can also put our custom calibrations on a spare BCM so theres no downtime and you have the ability to swap back if necessary.

Common Features/Requests Include:

Add Remote Start

Extend Remote Start Run Time

Fog lamps remain on with high beams

Removing DRL

Manual Headlamp controls for Export Vehicles

Manual Transmission Conversion

Removal of fleet speed limiter

Hyperflash fix for LED lamp installations

Delete features/hardware

Other features are available but these are the most common requests we see.

Please contact us before ordering to make sure we can meet your needs, after confirming your requests are plausible you’ll need to put what you’d like done in the memo/notes section of the order. Pricing is subject to change due to complexity of requests IE how long it takes us to develop that programming.

Post programming and install you’ll need to have a dealer/shop/someone with a good scan tool perform a brake pedal position relearn and setup the SDM key in the BCM. Other programming changes may require additional setup as well.


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