2014+ SS MyLink IWM/Unlock





Our WAMS exclusive custom unlock programming is now available for ALL 2013+ VF Commodore based vehicles including the Chevrolet SS! No more silly boxes to put in your dash or buttons to press, just the ability to give your radio your input whenever you choose to regardless of vehicle state!

This service allows complete (or near complete as we have not tested with EDi) functionality of the radio at all times; no more lockouts when the vehicle changes states (certain OS releases do not support text message viewing in motion). Features are dependent upon what kind of hardware you have for instance if your radio doesn’t already play DVD’s/Videos when stationary it won’t after this programming but it will allow you to access the other features that normally get locked out. This service also activates the AUX input removed from the 2016-2017 Chevy SS at no extra charge (will require buying or building an AUX input cable to use this feature).

WAMS also has developed custom programming for the backup camera guidelines into a 2014 spec vehicle; this is a time intensive process so it is an additional charge.

With this service you also have a choice of startup screens/backgrounds to choose from for those of you doing Holden Conversions; yes you can finally have the correct logo/coloring on your MyLink!

Also available: Map Updates! For a fraction of what the manufacturer would charge you can now have the latest mapping data for your SS with this service! The current map database we are installing is for 2019. PLEASE NOTE for 2014 owners you must purchase the OS Upgrade/Guidelines to take advantage of this upgrade.

We are also now proud to offer the ability to scale back the various sounds the silverbox is responsible for creating such as the key in chime, turn signal sound etc. for those of you who have installed aftermarket amplifiers etc. This is a time intensive process and each calibration is customers specific and built by hand. Its important to understand decibel ratings and their effect on sound level before ordering this as the effect on reduction is not linear. Please put your desired reduction (preferably in negative DB or a % change from stock) in the order comments when checking out.

Please note this is a ship in service for the radio silverbox module only. You don’t need to send anything else other than the actual module to us, no screen/controls etc.


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