5th Gen Camaro HUD Programming Service




Our Camaro HUD programming was originally created for the Firebreather program to remove the Chevrolet/Camaro startup logo from the HUD. Custom logos are currently NOT available. We currently offer that option as well as an additional custom text on certain messages/warnings as well. Please contact us to discuss text prior to ordering if you are interested in custom messaging. The biggest option is the addition of a G meter and bar graph style shift light. We CAN customize the shift light by RPM PER GEAR! If you choose the custom shift point option please contact us prior to ordering so we can discuss how you’d like the light setup as it can be quite flexible. The shift light adjustment is currently only available for the COLOR HUD units however the monochrome unit can be programmed if the buyer is willing to pay for development time.

This currently is a ship in service which requires the unit to be shipped to us or if you are local we can program the unit in vehicle.


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