AutoSync G2 Programmer / Multifunction Tool (Tool Only)

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Control your vehicle like never before!

The new Autosync G2 is here with many physical and functional improvements such as more Ram, better WiFi performance, faster downloads for tuning, modern USB-C connector and more! Best of all its nearly half the size of the original AutoSync!

Never before have you been able to exert such control over your GM vehicle with just the simple press of a fingertip!

AutoSync G2 is a highly advanced OBD interface module that unlocks many advanced features in your late model GM Vehicle. Installation in most applications takes only seconds, is fully plug-and-play and is undetectable to boot.

Integration and control of the AutoSync’s features is almost as-if GM included these features from the factory!

The first fruit of the partnership between BT Dieselworks and WAMS the new AutoSync now not only allows for an unparalleled combination of vehicle control and ease of use but also offers optional custom module programming (sold separately); all from your factory radio screen with a simple press of your finger.

AutoSync G2 includes ALL of the features listed under your vehicles architecture list (linked at the bottom of this page) out of the box; module programming is optional. The AutoSync standard features do require the unit to remain plugged in to access those features while any options added through the optional custom programming via the module programming menu do not e.g. BCM programming, HMI unlock etc.

Programming is as simple choosing which calibration you’d like to load on the radio screen after you’ve selected the module to program. You can choose between the factory stock file as well as a modified file we will build for your application (calibration/programming functions sold separately).

The original AutoSync has been field tested for years in the truck market and has been (and still is!) subject to continuous improvement. Programming has been tested and vetted thoroughly to incorporate backup strategies (including Auto Recovery) to all but eliminate the possibility of any issues occuring during programming.

Controller and specific options vary based on product purchased. The AutoSync G2 Tool and module programming are two separate products that can be integrated into the same unit if you so choose at the time of order. This item is for the unit only and does NOT include any additional optional module programming. You may purchase programming later if you so choose. If you are only here for the programming aspect you will need to bundle this unit WITH programming using the delivery method drop down under the various module programming services supported by the AutoSync listed on this website such as our WAMS Spec BCM programming, our HMI unlock service etc.

NOTE: 2017+ Applications may require a simple yet reversible modification which is simply moving one wire on a connector to another cavity on that same connector; no cutting or splicing required. Click Here for instructions on how to complete this OR Click HERE to watch a fantastic instructional video courtesy of on how to complete this!

If you purchase this unit for ANY infotainment other than North American Spec IO5/IO6 with OnStar it will be used for programming modules ONLY. There will be no on screen displays just strictly for optional module programming. In light of the Global Chip shortage our traditional flash tools for those platforms are not available.

AutoSync – Optional Programming List (Click Here)

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AutoSync CA1 Owners Manual / Installation Instructions

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4 reviews for AutoSync G2 Programmer / Multifunction Tool (Tool Only)

  1. calhounauto (verified owner)

    What a fantastic little tool. it has way more functions than the range for the increase in price which you cant even control the AFM operation and I can eventually tune my BCM as well. Super simple to use as well.

  2. Trey Thibodeaux (verified owner)

    I love this tool. Only downside I have and I’m wondering if anyone else has it. While the unit is plugged in down shifts from 4to3 and 3to2 are super hard. When I unplug it my truck shifts smooth and perfect. I spoke with them and they tell me there is no correlation but my truck also had extensive transmission issues before I added this unit.

  3. Phillip White (verified owner)

    The professionals and knowledge at WAMS
    helped me create a custom BCM with my AutoSync for my 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 at a fair price and over exceeded my expectations on help with questions about installation. Excellent service, fast delivery would definitely recommend!

  4. chris meyer (verified owner)

    This company constantly delivers! Autosync G2 is fantastic. Fast servers and simple to use. Thank for outstanding service once again!

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