C6 Corvette Custom BCM Programming Service



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WAMS is proud to be the first (and only!) company to offer custom BCM programming for your 2005+ C6 corvette!

These features include some of the most requested options you’ll find for hardcore racers and enthusiasts alike.

Please note that these BCM changes/calibrations are for OFF ROAD USE ONLY! We are NOT LIABLE for ANY DAMAGES (Vehicle or otherwise) or any other negative effects that result from deleting factory options from your vehicle; some of which may be required by law!

Now that we have the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way please note that this is a ship in service requiring you to ship us your BCM for programming. The ONLY options that will be changed will be the ones you select. Please also note that the Corvette BCM lists TWO Tire Monitoring systems so we have separated them here even though most of you will choose both I’m sure. Since this service is designed for race cars please note you still may see service tire system message(s) but active handling will not limit vehicle functions any longer.

You MUST ship us the BCM from your vehicle, please do not ship us a new BCM or a junkyard spare it MUST BE YOUR OEM UNIT.


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