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Have you ever wondered what that dark circle is at the end of the Tachometer on the 2004+ GTO? Have you ever pondered how to get rid of that annoying Daytime Running Lights and the indicator? How about the fact that your 2004 GTO’s Speedometer always seems to be off compared to other devices such as Radar Guns or GPS receivers?

White Automotive & Media Services is proud to offer 2004 through 2006 (Manual AND Automatic!) GTO owners complete instrument cluster programming. This modification is a must for any serious GTO enthusiast who wants to get the most out of his or her Goat; without adding a bulky non-OEM shift light or tachometer. The shift light alerts you in two ways, the first being a Bright Red LED at the end of the tachometer, being the only red indicator on during normal operation it’s sure to let you know it’s time to shift. In addition an audible warning is also triggered in symphony with the Shift Light in case it’s a bright sunny day.

This dual warning system makes it foolproof, all you have to do is shift! In addition at speeds less than ~10mph the IPC displays “Engine Redline Reached” and at speeds above 10mph the IPC displays “Change Up Gear“. The shift light can also be staggered per gear or engine coolant temperature unlike other aftermarket units, for instance, if you’d like a lower shift point when the GTO is below normal operating temperature; we can do that! If you’d like to have first gear at a lower RPM than the rest, we can do that too! This allows for progressively better shift points as the car progresses through the gears leading to better ET’s.

To get a better idea of how the Shift Light operates, please check the homepage for a you tube video of one of our customers in action.

While the Shift Light is the Crown Jewel of the Programming options, included in the flat programming fee are some other unique and functional options such as:

  • Choice of Start-Up Logos including: Holden, HSV, Chevrolet and others!
  • Shutdown information (Customized to show owners name ect. available with HSV logo only)
  • Daytime Running Light Indicator or FULL delete
  • Skip Shift Indicator Delete (For customers with a skip shift eliminator)
  • Current Gear Indicator (Shows current gear shifted into on M6 and A4 1st through 4th gear only)
  • MPH/KPH Indicator Dimming (For early 2004’s with the retina searing MPH problem)
  • 2004 Odometer/Speedometer Correction (Corrects 2.91%+ Error on the 2004 instrument cluster)
  • Lighting Intensity Changes (Brighten display sections as much as 10% or dim to suite your personal tastes)

You must ship your IPC to us for this programming, we will turn it around within 24 hours of receipt so the shipping method you choose at checkout will determine how quickly you get the unit back.


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