As nearly all of the hardware we sell is for specific applications and as such is special order (non stocked) authorized returns (by way of RMA via email) of hardware are accepted up to 30 days from receipt of aforementioned product and subject to a 15% restocking fee. Orders for custom programmed hardware (situations where we are supplying the hardware pre programmed for your specific vehicle) are NON-RETURNABLE as they are no longer “new” and cannot be resold as such. We are however more than happy to supply you with replacement hardware and programming at no cost if the module we provided fails during normal operation within its warranty period. 


Here is where we admittedly differ a bit from other companies as we are primarily a service based company running on a very tight/rigid schedule. All programming orders (which are executed contracts between you the purchaser and WAMS the seller/provider) are able to be cancelled within 72 hours and refunded in full. Orders past the 72 hour mark are considered bound and have been scheduled/slotted in on our end and in some instances depending on the service software already built for your order. Please make sure you are committed to whatever service you are purchasing but know that we will work with you if you have extenuating circumstances and need assistance such as more time etc. If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to go over your situation and figure out a scenario that works for everyone!


WAMS Warranties all hardware we provide for a period of 1 year (one year) from date of purchase when used in the course of “normal” use. Normal use is defined as what the majority of the populace would use an item for such as using an instrument cluster in their daily commute not jumping dukes of hazard style over 25 cars. Programming wise there really is no way to warranty anything as its a service we provide for your hardware which either works or it doesn’t out of the gate. That being said we stand behind our work and if there is a problem with our programming we will make it right until the customer is satisfied. If you have a module containing our programming fail or a dealership somehow wipes out our work simply provide a copy of the repair order showing the unit was replaced and we will reprogram your module(s) free of charge (customer to pay shipping).