2009-2013 CTS-V IPC / DDM / PDM Custom Programming





WAMS is proud to announce our custom multiple module programming for the 2009+ CTS-V. This ship in service for your IPC/DDM/PDM modules allows for the following:

-Allows key left in vehicle reminder function to be turned on and off
-Splits customization into two menus new “advanced” menu.
-Adds Coolant Temp Readout in DIC
-Adds menu for optional IAT2/Oil Temp module (NOT COMPLETED will be available for purchase separately at a later time)

-Adds more levels of exit/entry customization such as tilt only, telescope only, tilt and telescope and tilt/seat etc…
-Adds the ability to toggle the Tracers On/Off
-Adds ability to control Park/Tilt Mirrors

We also have the ability to custom program the gauge tracer shift light to different RPM per gear. If you choose the shift rpm changes please email us your desired shift points per gear 1-5 separately after completely your purchase.

-Deletes the current gear indicator in sport mode only found on the 2011+. Gear indicator still functions in Tap Shift mode.
-For a 2012/2013 it changes the Stabilitrak/Traction control readout to separate screens not combined like 2012/2013.
-Initial Easy Exit setup can be a little tricky sometimes. The later vehicles MSM modules don’t like the way it requests certain settings occasionally. This typically works itself out with a battery disconnect or letting all the modules go to sleep.


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