12.3″ Premium Cluster Upgrade / Retrofit

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We realize there is a lot to read here but it’s in everyone’s best interest to read all of the information presented here. This is admittedly a bit of a complicated product/service with many facets depending on your vehicle build, mods, warranty status etc. We have tried to make this as comprehensive and easy to understand as humanly possible but if we missed something please drop us a line and ask!

This exclusive service allows for complete 100% factory correct operation of a 12.3″ Premium LCD Cluster (that you can supply or choose to have us supply a brand new unit via the drop down menus) into your CTS with plug and play simplicity (programming wise) and no errors! This service is 100% custom to your vehicle and options and can be tweaked/adjusted for mods such as added OEM navigation, car play upgrade, added front park assist, HUD hardware retrofit as well as parts removed such as magnetic ride etc. This service when done in the recommended manner (matching vehicle year/content) is 100% warranty compliant. The unit shown in the pictures above is a 2016 unit however 2014-2015 units look different as do the 2017.5+ units but all will be the up level unit for that particular model year.

PLEASE NOTE: If we are supplying the hardware it is special order and subject to varying lead time that we do not control as there are just so many different configurations it would be difficult to stock them all. 2016-2017 units are currently on back order. Please make sure you triple check your selected cluster before checking out as the system automatically places an order with the supplier.


Q: How does this work?
A: You can choose to have us supply the 100% correct OEM Brand New cluster by using the drop downs above OR you may choose to source a new or used cluster on your own. If you choose to go the used route you first figure out your application (E.G. for a 2017 which infotainment do you have) and then check fitment of that part number with us via E-Mail. If you wish to have 100% OEM functionality AND retain your factory or factory backed extended warranty you MUST use the same model year cluster as your car; the ONLY exception to this is if you have had us do the proper Car Play/Android Auto retrofit programming using modules on our supported list. Then and only then may you use a 2016  part number (THIS APPLICATION IS PENDING FINAL TESTING!) Upon return simply plug the unit in and go!

Q: How do you know what options my CTS has so the cluster can be properly configured?
A: From your VIN! If you have added any factory options you think the cluster should display or interact with just put them in the order notes.

Q: I have a 2017 CTS how do I tell which cluster I order?
A: If you have RPO (on your build sticker likely in your glove box) IO5 or IO6 you will utilize the 2017 IO5/IO6 selection, if you have RPO IOS or IOT you will utilize the 2017 IOS/IOT selection.

Q: Can you do this for Export (Metric clusters)?
A: Yes this is just programming so no worries there.

Q: Does it HAVE to be the same model year of cluster as my ATS?
A: If you wish to have 100% OEM functionality AND retain your factory or factory backed extended warranty you MUST use the same model year cluster as your ATS; the ONLY exception to this is if you have had us do the proper Car Play/Android Auto retrofit programming using modules on our supported list. Then and only then may you use a 2016 part number (PENDING FINAL TESTING!). If you are out of warranty and understand the potential downside(s) and still want to use a mismatched cluster you will need to agree to that when choosing your configuration above. Please contact us prior to ordering so we can confirm which cluster you are looking at and your build to see what issues (if any) you may run into.

Q: I want to do the 2016 cluster retrofit into a 2013-2015 so that I can get the steering wheel controls back inside Car Play/Android Auto; what do I do?
A: Contact us and let us know which HMI and Radio you used and we can go from there. If you did a Car Play retrofit through us using the best practices list we provide you can utilize the 2016 Part number(s).

Q: I did a Car Play/Android Auto retrofit and don’t have some steering wheel controls inside of Car Play/Android Auto; can you help me?
A: Yes but there is a specific list of compatible components and we need to do the programming on the other modules to make sure everything is 100% perfect. If you plan on doing the CP/AA upgrade at any point it’s best to try to do it all at the same time to save yourself a potential headache.

Q: Will I lose any features?
A: No you should not lose any features that you had before although features may be combined as part of different menus/displays now.

Q: Will I gain any features?
A: You may gain some features as the 12.3″ units have slightly different menu selections. We can also enable things you have added such as indicators for front park assist or the Navigation menu if you have added factory navigation. If you have added FACTORY options that your CTS didn’t have please put what you have added in the notes section.

Q: Can you delete warning indicators for items I may have removed from the Vehicle??
A: Yes we can, this would all be custom and priced as such, contact us for details.

Q: What is the HUD Retrofit Option?
A: This enables the unit to drive a heads up display. Yes it can be installed however we do not provide support for the installation or wiring end of it. ALL of the clusters we supply have the HUD output. If you have Forward Collision Alert and choose to have the HUD retrofit your Forward Collision Alert light (in the dash) will not work but will be shown in the HUD after you add it.

Q: What is the Odometer Lock Option?
A: The Odometer lock  option removes the odometer hard lock from a cluster that has been tampered with or improperly installed / programmed (Odometer Showing ——). This does not remove tamper flags from other modules that may store them.

Q: Do I need to send in my factory cluster?
A. No, we only need you to send the proper CTS cluster you are sourcing (if you are choosing to supply it)

Q. Will the cluster look exactly like whats shown in the product picture?
A. A 2016+ unit is shown in the picture in CTS-V configuration. Physically yes they are the same unit but the layouts may be different. For example a non V series CTS wouldn’t have the single large center tach style layout as its all based on vehicle content. Also the 2014-2015 clusters are different as well.

3 reviews for 12.3″ Premium Cluster Upgrade / Retrofit

  1. Wilgus Parker (verified owner)

    I gotta say, this whole thing seemed kind of intimidating at first. But installation was surprisingly easy and everything worked like a charm! Mileage synched up in no time and I was ready to go. Tested out all of the features I could think of and all is well.

    Also, I expected my cluster to take weeks if not months to arrive, but it arrived in just over a week. Very pleased and would gladly do business with these guys again!

  2. Kenneth Wayne Price II (verified owner)

    Waited some time before leaving this review. Absolutely amazing company. Ordered the cluster on February 3, 2023. I was aware of the lead time, had no problems with that aspect. Product came in the mail and started the tear down Saturday night on my 2016 Cadillac CTS 4 AWD. Ran into an issue that turned out to be easily solved, but I sent Wams and email expecting a response by Monday or during the week, Boom, received a reply from Wams within 3mins on a Saturday night when this man could’ve been with his family or whatever the case maybe, I believe his name is Chris. We emailed back and fourth on a Saturday night and he pulled me through the problem which was the HUD connection wire appeared to be too short to reach the back of the cluster and the solution was to just cut the black wrap coming from the Cadillac, once black wrap is cut, the HUD wire is allowed to hang free and revels a longer length to reach the cluster. I’ve been trying to purchase this type of upgraded stock cluster for years and Cadillac made it seem like it was a crime to ask about purchasing an upgraded cluster, my Cadillac had all the bells and whistles except for the upgraded digital cluster. I went to four different Cadillac parts counters in person mind you, and I was dismissed by all. One Cadillac dealership went as far as telling me that it is impossible due to Vin coding and that I would void my warranty. Extremely grateful that I found Wams. You might consider that it is a small upgrade, but it simply makes me happy. Was tired of the old school look and feel of the analog cluster. This company and whoever is involved are great and I had a positive experience 5 stars hands down. Thank you Chris for taking your time out on a late Saturday night holding my hand through email helping me install the cluster.

  3. Corbin Cooper (verified owner)

    I thought retrofitting a digital gauge cluster into my Cadillac CTS would be difficult due to the programming that the dealer was not able to do. After some research- I’m glad I found WAMS to do it for a very reasonable price- the digital gauge cluster looks great in the car. The shipping process was easy and WAMS communicated well throughout. Highly recommend if you’re looking to do this swap in your CTS/ATS.

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