2014-2015.5 Android Auto / CarPlay Upgrade Kit

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Looking to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your 2014-2015.5 factory 8″ display equipped GM Vehicle with proper OEM functionality? You’re in the right place! Please read the entire product description as it explains how this works, the ins and outs and what parts you’ll need to make this happen.

This kit includes a BRAND NEW Radio Module and HMI module. Not “second hand”, used, refurbished or salvage; brand new with full OEM warranty sold to you at dealer cost as a courtesy.

So how does this work? First you must understand your wants/needs. Do you have navigation or if not do you want to add it? If the question to either of those questions is yes then you’ll want to choose the kit that includes a Navigation HMI. Second you’ll need to know your vehicles audio type. Do you have a Bose Premium audio system? If so then you’ll need to choose the package that includes the HMI you want with a Bose radio; its pretty simple. You cannot mix and match radios, if you have Bose you need the Bose radio if you dont you need the base radio. You can tell which Radio style you need by checking your vehicles RPO Code Label (Generally in the Glove box) for RPO UQ3/UQ5 you need a BASE Radio for RPO UQA/UQS you need a BOSE Radio. On the radio note ALL of our kits include HD Radio!

In addition to the HMI and proper mating Radio Module that we will supply you with the only other thing you’ll need to procure is a 2016+ USB hub that goes in your console to replace your non compatible older version. This is the USB module where you plug your devices into that has two ports and likely an SD Card reader these vary by console style. For most applications the part number for this unit is 13519224 and can be found many different places online including Amazon. The new USB hub does not have an SD Card reader and there are no compatible hubs for this upgrade that have the SD Card Reader that we are aware of.

Installation is literally as simple as swapping out your existing units for the new units we will provide you; they will be plug and play.

Please note that If you desire a full OEM proper Car Play/Android Auto experience you will need to replace the HMI, Radio AND Instrument Cluster (Or opt for our ship in UDD cluster upgrade click HERE to check that out) to gain the full use of steering wheel controls (inside Car Play or Android Auto) and Siri/Google voice commands otherwise you will be pressing the screen constantly; this is also a great time to consider a CarPlay  / Android Auto compatible Denali Cluster upgrade to get that functionality! Steering wheel controls OUTSIDE of CarPlay / Android auto will work as they did previously but WITHOUT the upgrade almost no controls inside of Android Auto work and in CarPlay you’re missing Siri Eyes free and Answer/Hang up calls.

If you have a 2016 that was built WITHOUT Car Play/Android auto please Click Here for a specific product just for those applications!

If you have a 4″ Display IO4 equipped truck please see Click Here for the upgrade for those vehicles that includes the proper 8″ screen.

If you have a current XM radio subscription after installation you’ll need to contact them and update your account with your new Radio ID. You can find this on the module itself or by tuning to Channel 0 on the XM band.

If you are ordering a navigation HMI but do not have factory navigation please note you will need to provide a GPS antenna OR factory Onstar signal splitter and cables..

Please make sure you disconnect the battery from the vehicle before reinstalling your freshly programmed modules. While not required this minimizes the possibility for damage or DTC’s.

About the optional Add Ons:
Map Update: 
This is for Navigation HMI’s only to upgrade the Map Database to the Model Year data listed. Generally we always offer the most up to date available data at a fraction of retail cost.

Full HMI Unlock Programming: Adds a ton of useful features at a discounted price. Please Click Here for the full feature set as well as the requirements of this awesome Add On!

29 reviews for 2014-2015.5 Android Auto / CarPlay Upgrade Kit

  1. Christopher Simpson (verified owner)

    Just got my new equipment today. installed it and it’s awesome. I now have a more updated system than before. The service they provide is amazing. It’s also much cheaper and better recommended than there competitors. Overall very pleased with the product and will be buying more upgraded parts for my 2014 Silverado

  2. CrazyHick (verified owner)

    WOWZA! I just installed this kit (along with a Denali Cluster upgrade and USB port*) in my 2015 GMC Sierra and am blown away. The folks @ WAMS are total rockstars…answered my 15 million questions quickly and waited patiently as I gathered my funds…when I finally completed the purchase, turn around time was communicated upfront and everything arrived in less than a week! Admittedly, this upgrade wasn’t cheap, but well worth it. After reviewing a few YouTube videos (PGAMBOA) on the process of switching everything out, it was easy to complete the necessary steps. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and product. NOTE: The Denali cluster can be sourced from WAMS, but the OEM USB port needs to be sourced elsewhere — I bought mine on eBay.

  3. Joe McWilliams (verified owner)

    Fast service, just got the android auto update for my 2014 sierra, answered a ton of questions I had, sent them the modules, and had them back a week after I sent them off. Everything works great and I would recommend them to anyone.

  4. cdogg (verified owner)

    cannot say enough about this company. made the mistake of dealing with an outfit in canada that i found on the forum. those shysters sold me used hardare and even after multiple issues kept trying to fix the hardware rather than just replacing it. for $50 more I got BRAND NEW units in the OEM packaging here and a full warranty. beware others trying to advertise based on price alone its not worth it.

  5. jaknoblock (verified owner)

    The responsiveness and service WAMS provides is top notch. Emails answered in minutes, order received in less than a week and functionality upon installation was as advertised. After going without CarPlay in my 2015 Tahoe for a few years, this upgrade is heaven-sent. Did along with the Denali cluster upgrade and the two work together seamlessly. All features, including steering wheel controls, work as they should. Can’t recommend enough!

  6. Phillip White (verified owner)

    I purchased this upgrade because I wanted the Radio Programming / Unlock Services. They have an installation video online that made the install go very quickly and easily and it was nice to get a first-hand look at the product in the video before purchasing.

    I had to email them with a technical question and the support team at WAMS quickly responded back to me with an answer to all my questions. Everything was straight plug and play took me 25 minutes to do the complete install.

    I highly recommend WAMS to anyone looking to upgrade their 2014 Chevy Silverado. – Phill in NJ.

  7. Dustin Weist (verified owner)

    When I bought my used 2015 tahoe with the 8″ screen I was disappointed to find out that it did not have andriod auto and further more that it was not something that I could go through the dealership to upgrade. After a little searching I found that WAMS provided exactly the service I was looking for at a reasonable price. I was able to source the parts needed for the upgrade on my own to save some money. Turn around time from the time I shipped the package to be programmed to the time I got it back was less than a week. Customer service at WAMS was always fast at getting back to me with my questions prior to the sale. Even after the sale they continued to respond to my questions extremely fast. Could not be happier to have android auto on my Tahoe. Thank you for providing this service. Would definitely recomend WAMS to anyone looking to upgrade to android auto / carplay.

  8. shardy0081 (verified owner)

    I love this upgrade. I have had WAMS do a few things for me in the past and they have always been the best. I have even emailed them with questions, thinking it will be the next day before I get a reply, but they have responded within minutes. Will continue to use WAMS. ( saving up to get the Autosync)

  9. Ryan McBee (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting to do this upgrade for a while since I was never a big fan of the factory navigation and couldn’t believe that it wasn’t simple upgrade that my local shop would perform. The product was shipped very fast with great packaging. Install was fairly easy after watching a few videos as suggested. The customer service of WAMS even after my purchase was amazing. Like others have stated, most of the time I was contacted with minutes of my emails. Would definitely recommend WAMS and look forward to future purchases.

  10. Derek Wilson (verified owner)

    Absolutely great!!! These guys know there stuff! I did a CarPlay upgrade with the full unlock for my 14 Silverado and works great!!! WAMS responds very quickly to any questions you have!!
    Thanks again guys!!!

  11. Josh (verified owner)

    2015 tahoe ltz. bought this upgrade for my wifes tahoe. i bought everything new from wams. the items were plug and play. i also upgraded her cluster to the denali cluster with hud option, and retrofitted the hud into her tahoe. everything works great the first time!

  12. mime1 (verified owner)

    Upgraded my 2014 Silverado LTZ Radio and HMI. I had WAMS supply the new modules, you can’t beat the warranty they are giving to purchase from them, plus you get a 3 months trial of SirusXM when you activate the new radio. You never know if modules are good if you purchase from an online second-hand store. Opted for all the upgrades, was not disappointed. In my option, it was a great purchase. I had to purchase a wiring harness from the Harnessdr for the Rear Camera in Motion to work. I will have to save to upgrade my BCM next. A great option if you want that OEM look.

  13. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Works like a charm! Easy install, and works so awesome!!

  14. John Fleming (verified owner)

    Very happy, great customer service and quick responses to any questions I had. Highly recommend.

  15. Josh Aberdeen (verified owner)

    SMOKING DEAL! I work for a dealer that WAMS services and purchased this upgrade and the denali cluster. The HMI/Radio are sold at dealer cost which is cheaper than even I can buy them from our parts department! Both units arrived in the OEM serialized packaging just as expected and were literally plug and play 10/10.

  16. Miguel Flores (verified owner)

    have to give credit where due white auto bailed me out big time. got conned by a company in another country for this same product. price was about the same except the other company sold me used parts and the radio was junk from the get go and the other company drug its feet and never fixed the issue. white auto sent the parts quickly in ac delco branded containers all brand new as detailed and they worked out of the box plug and play. only had one issue because i forgot to swap the usb hub but they diagnosed that in an email within a minute of me sending my inquiry and thats just how their customer service is!!!!!

  17. Andrew Moore (verified owner)

    I bought upgrade this for my 2014 Silverado 1500 and all I can say is I wish I would’ve done this upgrade sooner! Having Apple CarPlay as a feature is great and so convenient! Installation was easy and took me only 45 minutes! I purchased the units from WAMS and it really saved me a headache from locating compatible ones myself and they were very helpful at addressing my questions before my units arrived. Overall I would highly recommend this Upgrade from WAMS! Great Job!

  18. Joshua Harvell (verified owner)

    Have a 2014 Silverado. Went with the HMI unolock, Denali cluster upgrade and carplay upgrade. I sourced a used HMI and Radio Unit but ordered the cluster new from WAMS. I spent too much time looking for a used cluster that was the correct part number. The folks here at WAMS responded quickly to any questions I had navigating this upgrade. The process was very quick. Installation was easy. Been running with this upgrade for a few weeks now and I love it! It is not an inexpensive project but all in I am still less than what an aftermarket unit would have been and I got an upgraded cluster instead of just a carplay radio. Not to mention the new features of the HMI unlock. If you are on the fence, get off and do this….. You wont regret it.

  19. Nick Giallo (verified owner)

    It worked , I am so happy with WAMS. You did your best to help me and get the job done that we started. AMAZING. !!!!!. please post my review

  20. daniel_moses (verified owner)

    I have a 2014 Silverado and went with the 8 in screen conversion. I supplied only the 8 inch screen and extra USB port need, for the rest I went through WAMS for the HMI/ Radio Apple Car play upgrade as well as sending in my cluster for the full access to this upgrade. Total it was about $847 but I will tell anyone it is 100 percent worth it instead of trying to save money and find a used one on ebay that most likely wont work. The radios and HMI from WAMS are brand new and full warranty. I shipped my cluster off over night and received the cluster,HMI and radio back with in just a few days! The install took maybe 30 minutes at most all plug and play very simple. Everything works perfect and I am so happy with this upgrade. Lastly this company has hands down THE BEST customer service if you ask them a question any question they respond back with in minutes and I asked alot! This company definitely took the worry out of this purchase and I look forward to future business!

  21. ANGEL SALGADO (verified owner)

    Excellent service! You guys went above and beyond and made this whole process so smooth. Really was a plug and play setup and had everything going in under an hour. I got the one thing I felt was missing from the truck and it now feels complete. Thanks guys!

  22. Gerald Fore (verified owner)

    I performed this upgrade on my recently purchased 2014 GMC Sierra and it was 100% seamless. From asking questions about required equiptment to placing order WAMS has been great to work with. My radio performs exactly as advertised. I purchased this upgrade kit w/Denali cluster.

  23. Donald Williams (verified owner)

    Love having apple car play best upgrade ive done to the truck. highly recommend anyone to come here with there GM vehicle for upgrades.

  24. albert gambuti (verified owner)

    Best spent money. Should of done this sooner. Now my 2014 silverado is updated. I ordered this on a Sunday got it the following Friday and put it in on Saturday. Very easy to do. Now I can hear and respond to text messages while driving using android auto. No need to pull over when I’m pulling my open trailer to see if I put the blower or grass catcher in the trailer, just hit the camera button and I can see. Everything works perfect. Would do it again if I had to. Great service. Very happy! Thank you guys

  25. Andrew Johnson (verified owner)

    Seamless, easy install. Don’t know why I didn’t do this to my 2014 years ago. Despite COVID delays, the shipping was super fast and got everything installed in about an hour. I will definitely check back to add the cluster or rear entertainment at a later date.

  26. Nicholas Lees (verified owner)

    Purchase this on my 2015 Chevy Silverado and it went smoothly and done in about 1.5 hours. Awesome product, thanks guys.

  27. Dan Allen (verified owner)

    Bought for my 2015 Cadillac ATS premium. Works great, and so much faster (2.0 HMI to 2.5 HMI). I did not lose any features and many are upgraded. Highly recommend!

  28. Kyle Cage (verified owner)

    Installed in my 2015 Silverado in less than 30 minutes. Watch a youtube video to know what to take apart and the modules are plug and play. Apple carplay can be mostly controlled with steering wheel controls without the cluster upgrade. Fast shipping and great communications.

  29. THOMAS GRIEGO (verified owner)

    Great item, just a little over a week from ordering to me receiving the radio and HMI. The GPS worked great installation took me less than 20 minutes to complete. I verified the extra items I needed before I submitted my order. I had super fast communication and responses for my questions before my purchase. Overall a great experience doing business with WAM.

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