Android Auto / Apple CarPlay Upgrade Kit 2014-2015

(75 customer reviews)




Looking to add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your 2014-2015.5 (Or 2013 Cadillac CUE) factory 8″ display equipped North American Spec GM Vehicle with proper OEM functionality? You’re in the right place! Please read the entire product description and FAQ as it explains how this works, the ins and outs and what parts you’ll need to make this happen.

This kit includes a new Radio Module and HMI module pre programmed for your application; Not “second hand”, used, or cores as is common elsewhere.

So how does this work? First you must understand your wants/needs. Do you have navigation or if not do you want to add it? If the question to either of those questions is yes then you’ll want to choose the kit that includes a Navigation HMI. Second you’ll need to know your vehicles audio type. Do you have a Bose Premium audio system? If so then you’ll need to choose the package that includes the HMI you want with a Bose radio; it’s pretty simple. You cannot mix and match radios, if you have Bose you need the Bose radio if you dont you need the base radio. You can tell which Radio style you need by checking your vehicles RPO Code Label (Generally in the Glove box) for RPO UQ3/UQ5 you need a BASE Radio for RPO UQA/UQS/UQH you need a BOSE Radio. On the radio note ALL of our kits include HD Radio regardless if your vehicle has it now or not.

In addition to the HMI and proper mating Radio Module that we will supply you with the only other thing you’ll need to procure on your own is a 2016+ USB hub that goes in your console to replace your non compatible older version. This is the USB module where you plug your devices into that has two ports and likely an SD Card reader. For most applications the part number for this unit is 13519224 (MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GET SENT OR PURCHASE A 13519244) and can be found many different places online, your local GM dealer etc. We are seeing a lot of Chinese knock offs on Amazon that do not work and don’t meet factory specs sadly. The new USB hub does NOT have an SD Card reader and there are no compatible hubs for this upgrade that have the SD Card Reader that we are aware of. You will need to plug your iPhone / Android Device into this new hub as Apple CarPlay / Android Auto WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT THIS HUB.

Installation is literally as simple as swapping out your existing units for the new pre-programmed units we will provide you after disconnecting the positive battery terminal; they will be plug and play.

Please note that If you desire a full OEM proper Car Play/Android Auto experience you will need to replace the HMI, Radio AND Instrument Cluster (Or opt for our ship in UDD cluster upgrade for Full Size Truck/SUV which can be found HERE) to gain the full use of steering wheel controls inside Car Play or Android Auto and Siri/Google voice commands otherwise you will be pressing the screen constantly; this is also a great time to consider a CarPlay / Android Auto compatible Denali Cluster upgrade to get that functionality. Steering wheel controls OUTSIDE of CarPlay / Android auto will work as they did previously but WITHOUT the upgrade, control support varies inside of Android Auto and in Apple CarPlay on most phones you’re missing Siri Eyes free and Answer/Hang up calls. On some iPhones with iOS 15+ you’ll also be missing the track change/skip function due to a change in removing the old iPod control support from CarPlay. Bottom line here is if you want it 100% OEM you need a cluster upgrade regardless of model.

If you have a 2016 vehicle that was built WITHOUT Car Play/Android auto please Click Here for a specific product just for those applications.

If you have a 4″ Display IO4 equipped truck please see Click Here for the upgrade for those vehicles that includes the proper 8″ screen THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE A SCREEN/DISPLAY.

If you have a current XM radio subscription after installation you’ll need to contact them and update your account with your new Radio ID. You can find this on the module itself or by tuning to Channel 0 on the XM band.

If you are ordering a Navigation HMI but do not have factory Navigation please note you will need to provide a GPS antenna. These are inexpensive and can be found on Amazon for about $10. You’re looking for a Fakra GPS Antenna with a blue connector.

If you do NOT have OnStar Hardware in your vehicle (Generally RPO UE0 Onstar Delete) please contact us PRIOR to ordering as your kit will require custom programming.

About the optional Add Ons:
Map Update: 
This is for Navigation HMI’s only to upgrade the Map Database to the Model Year data listed. Generally we always offer the most up to date available data at a fraction of retail cost.

Full HMI Unlock Programming: Adds a ton of useful features at a discounted price. Please Click Here for the full feature set as well as the requirements of this awesome Add On!

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is intended for properly functioning North American factory spec vehicles. It is not intended to remedy any existing issues such as blank screen, “glitches”, “ghost scrolling/presses” or any other infotainment issues. While possible in some instances these parts may address issues like those above we do not in any way shape or form market this product as anything other than an upgrade for properly functioning vehicles and any existing issues should be professionally diagnosed by a GM dealer prior to purchase. You will lose the ability to pause/rewind/fast forward live radio when completing this upgrade. This is due to GM removing those features on any HMI based application that also has CarPlay/Android Auto. Also some C7 Corvette Applications may lose the “Driver Mode” customization with this upgrade due to later model module communication changes but all modes will remain functional and selectable.

Q: How do I tell which Radio Type I have?
A: By using the RPO label (generally in your glove box) and the instructions in the description above regarding which RPO’s are for Bose/Premium Audio and Base Audio.

Q: Can I choose the Bose Radio if I don’t have Bose? Won’t this add it?
A: No you’ll end up with no audio at all which is why we say it must match what you have.

Q: How do I tell which HMI I have currently?
A: Using the same RPO label as discussed in the question above look for RPO IO5 or IO6. IO5 is Non-Navigation (Onstar Nav) and IO6 is full embedded navigation.

Q: I currently have navigation do I need to keep it even though I’ll be using CarPlay/Android Auto?
A: If you currently have it we highly recommend you keep it as other applications may leverage the data from it. For example many applications that have Rear Seat Entertainment were never built without Navigation and you would also lose other applications you already have such as weather etc. You also would gain the Speed Limit display if you choose to do either of the Cluster Upgrades. We can absolutely build a custom application to retain Rear Seat Entertainment without Navigation but the cost will be higher than simply opting for Navigation.

Q: Will this work on my 2013 Cadillac CUE equipped vehicle?
A: Yes it will as long as its IO5 or IO6.

Q: Is this wireless CarPlay/Android Auto?
A: No. The factory units of this generation aren’t capable of wireless support however there are a myriad of wireless adapters/dongles available for purchase elsewhere.

Q: Does this have any effect on OnStar?
A: No it does not. The only thing OnStar related we need to know if is you don’t have OnStar HARDWARE meaning an OnStar delete (RPO UE0) as discussed above in the description.

Q: I just installed this and I cant get CarPlay or Android Auto to work the Projection Icon never changes?
A: This is almost always one of three things: The first one being the USB hub wasn’t replaced as directed in the description, the part number of the HUB is incorrect OR you are using a non OEM USB cable.

Q: I get a blue screen with “Service Rear Camera” when pressing the new Camera Button on the screen?
A: This a feature of the Full Unlock add-on which requires a wiring harness as mentioned in the full unlock item description; without that harness that screen is expected.

Q: I’m getting an Android Auto Software Security Error?
A: This is very common. If you search you’ll find a myriad of solutions that you’ll need to work through as this is a Phone Side  error and may require updating components or reinstalling them there is no “sure fix” for it. Having the incorrect USB hub can be a contributing factor for this error as well.


75 reviews for Android Auto / Apple CarPlay Upgrade Kit 2014-2015

  1. Christopher Simpson (verified owner)

    Just got my new equipment today. installed it and it’s awesome. I now have a more updated system than before. The service they provide is amazing. It’s also much cheaper and better recommended than there competitors. Overall very pleased with the product and will be buying more upgraded parts for my 2014 Silverado

  2. CrazyHick (verified owner)

    WOWZA! I just installed this kit (along with a Denali Cluster upgrade and USB port*) in my 2015 GMC Sierra and am blown away. The folks @ WAMS are total rockstars…answered my 15 million questions quickly and waited patiently as I gathered my funds…when I finally completed the purchase, turn around time was communicated upfront and everything arrived in less than a week! Admittedly, this upgrade wasn’t cheap, but well worth it. After reviewing a few YouTube videos (PGAMBOA) on the process of switching everything out, it was easy to complete the necessary steps. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and product. NOTE: The Denali cluster can be sourced from WAMS, but the OEM USB port needs to be sourced elsewhere — I bought mine on eBay.

  3. Joe McWilliams (verified owner)

    Fast service, just got the android auto update for my 2014 sierra, answered a ton of questions I had, sent them the modules, and had them back a week after I sent them off. Everything works great and I would recommend them to anyone.

  4. cdogg (verified owner)

    cannot say enough about this company. made the mistake of dealing with an outfit in canada that i found on the forum. those shysters sold me used hardare and even after multiple issues kept trying to fix the hardware rather than just replacing it. for $50 more I got BRAND NEW units in the OEM packaging here and a full warranty. beware others trying to advertise based on price alone its not worth it.

  5. jaknoblock (verified owner)

    The responsiveness and service WAMS provides is top notch. Emails answered in minutes, order received in less than a week and functionality upon installation was as advertised. After going without CarPlay in my 2015 Tahoe for a few years, this upgrade is heaven-sent. Did along with the Denali cluster upgrade and the two work together seamlessly. All features, including steering wheel controls, work as they should. Can’t recommend enough!

  6. Phillip White (verified owner)

    I purchased this upgrade because I wanted the Radio Programming / Unlock Services. They have an installation video online that made the install go very quickly and easily and it was nice to get a first-hand look at the product in the video before purchasing.

    I had to email them with a technical question and the support team at WAMS quickly responded back to me with an answer to all my questions. Everything was straight plug and play took me 25 minutes to do the complete install.

    I highly recommend WAMS to anyone looking to upgrade their 2014 Chevy Silverado. – Phill in NJ.

  7. Dustin Weist (verified owner)

    When I bought my used 2015 tahoe with the 8″ screen I was disappointed to find out that it did not have andriod auto and further more that it was not something that I could go through the dealership to upgrade. After a little searching I found that WAMS provided exactly the service I was looking for at a reasonable price. I was able to source the parts needed for the upgrade on my own to save some money. Turn around time from the time I shipped the package to be programmed to the time I got it back was less than a week. Customer service at WAMS was always fast at getting back to me with my questions prior to the sale. Even after the sale they continued to respond to my questions extremely fast. Could not be happier to have android auto on my Tahoe. Thank you for providing this service. Would definitely recomend WAMS to anyone looking to upgrade to android auto / carplay.

  8. shardy0081 (verified owner)

    I love this upgrade. I have had WAMS do a few things for me in the past and they have always been the best. I have even emailed them with questions, thinking it will be the next day before I get a reply, but they have responded within minutes. Will continue to use WAMS. ( saving up to get the Autosync)

  9. Ryan McBee (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting to do this upgrade for a while since I was never a big fan of the factory navigation and couldn’t believe that it wasn’t simple upgrade that my local shop would perform. The product was shipped very fast with great packaging. Install was fairly easy after watching a few videos as suggested. The customer service of WAMS even after my purchase was amazing. Like others have stated, most of the time I was contacted with minutes of my emails. Would definitely recommend WAMS and look forward to future purchases.

  10. Derek Wilson (verified owner)

    Absolutely great!!! These guys know there stuff! I did a CarPlay upgrade with the full unlock for my 14 Silverado and works great!!! WAMS responds very quickly to any questions you have!!
    Thanks again guys!!!

  11. Josh (verified owner)

    2015 tahoe ltz. bought this upgrade for my wifes tahoe. i bought everything new from wams. the items were plug and play. i also upgraded her cluster to the denali cluster with hud option, and retrofitted the hud into her tahoe. everything works great the first time!

  12. mime1 (verified owner)

    Upgraded my 2014 Silverado LTZ Radio and HMI. I had WAMS supply the new modules, you can’t beat the warranty they are giving to purchase from them, plus you get a 3 months trial of SirusXM when you activate the new radio. You never know if modules are good if you purchase from an online second-hand store. Opted for all the upgrades, was not disappointed. In my option, it was a great purchase. I had to purchase a wiring harness from the Harnessdr for the Rear Camera in Motion to work. I will have to save to upgrade my BCM next. A great option if you want that OEM look.

  13. RyanD@ZZP (verified owner)

    Works like a charm! Easy install, and works so awesome!!

  14. John Fleming (verified owner)

    Very happy, great customer service and quick responses to any questions I had. Highly recommend.

  15. Josh Aberdeen (verified owner)

    SMOKING DEAL! I work for a dealer that WAMS services and purchased this upgrade and the denali cluster. The HMI/Radio are sold at dealer cost which is cheaper than even I can buy them from our parts department! Both units arrived in the OEM serialized packaging just as expected and were literally plug and play 10/10.

  16. Miguel Flores (verified owner)

    have to give credit where due white auto bailed me out big time. got conned by a company in another country for this same product. price was about the same except the other company sold me used parts and the radio was junk from the get go and the other company drug its feet and never fixed the issue. white auto sent the parts quickly in ac delco branded containers all brand new as detailed and they worked out of the box plug and play. only had one issue because i forgot to swap the usb hub but they diagnosed that in an email within a minute of me sending my inquiry and thats just how their customer service is!!!!!

  17. Andrew Moore (verified owner)

    I bought upgrade this for my 2014 Silverado 1500 and all I can say is I wish I would’ve done this upgrade sooner! Having Apple CarPlay as a feature is great and so convenient! Installation was easy and took me only 45 minutes! I purchased the units from WAMS and it really saved me a headache from locating compatible ones myself and they were very helpful at addressing my questions before my units arrived. Overall I would highly recommend this Upgrade from WAMS! Great Job!

  18. Joshua Harvell (verified owner)

    Have a 2014 Silverado. Went with the HMI unolock, Denali cluster upgrade and carplay upgrade. I sourced a used HMI and Radio Unit but ordered the cluster new from WAMS. I spent too much time looking for a used cluster that was the correct part number. The folks here at WAMS responded quickly to any questions I had navigating this upgrade. The process was very quick. Installation was easy. Been running with this upgrade for a few weeks now and I love it! It is not an inexpensive project but all in I am still less than what an aftermarket unit would have been and I got an upgraded cluster instead of just a carplay radio. Not to mention the new features of the HMI unlock. If you are on the fence, get off and do this….. You wont regret it.

  19. Nick Giallo (verified owner)

    It worked , I am so happy with WAMS. You did your best to help me and get the job done that we started. AMAZING. !!!!!. please post my review

  20. daniel_moses (verified owner)

    I have a 2014 Silverado and went with the 8 in screen conversion. I supplied only the 8 inch screen and extra USB port need, for the rest I went through WAMS for the HMI/ Radio Apple Car play upgrade as well as sending in my cluster for the full access to this upgrade. Total it was about $847 but I will tell anyone it is 100 percent worth it instead of trying to save money and find a used one on ebay that most likely wont work. The radios and HMI from WAMS are brand new and full warranty. I shipped my cluster off over night and received the cluster,HMI and radio back with in just a few days! The install took maybe 30 minutes at most all plug and play very simple. Everything works perfect and I am so happy with this upgrade. Lastly this company has hands down THE BEST customer service if you ask them a question any question they respond back with in minutes and I asked alot! This company definitely took the worry out of this purchase and I look forward to future business!

  21. ANGEL SALGADO (verified owner)

    Excellent service! You guys went above and beyond and made this whole process so smooth. Really was a plug and play setup and had everything going in under an hour. I got the one thing I felt was missing from the truck and it now feels complete. Thanks guys!

  22. Gerald Fore (verified owner)

    I performed this upgrade on my recently purchased 2014 GMC Sierra and it was 100% seamless. From asking questions about required equiptment to placing order WAMS has been great to work with. My radio performs exactly as advertised. I purchased this upgrade kit w/Denali cluster.

  23. Donald Williams (verified owner)

    Love having apple car play best upgrade ive done to the truck. highly recommend anyone to come here with there GM vehicle for upgrades.

  24. albert gambuti (verified owner)

    Best spent money. Should of done this sooner. Now my 2014 silverado is updated. I ordered this on a Sunday got it the following Friday and put it in on Saturday. Very easy to do. Now I can hear and respond to text messages while driving using android auto. No need to pull over when I’m pulling my open trailer to see if I put the blower or grass catcher in the trailer, just hit the camera button and I can see. Everything works perfect. Would do it again if I had to. Great service. Very happy! Thank you guys

  25. Andrew Johnson (verified owner)

    Seamless, easy install. Don’t know why I didn’t do this to my 2014 years ago. Despite COVID delays, the shipping was super fast and got everything installed in about an hour. I will definitely check back to add the cluster or rear entertainment at a later date.

  26. Nicholas Lees (verified owner)

    Purchase this on my 2015 Chevy Silverado and it went smoothly and done in about 1.5 hours. Awesome product, thanks guys.

  27. Dan Allen (verified owner)

    Bought for my 2015 Cadillac ATS premium. Works great, and so much faster (2.0 HMI to 2.5 HMI). I did not lose any features and many are upgraded. Highly recommend!

  28. Kyle Cage (verified owner)

    Installed in my 2015 Silverado in less than 30 minutes. Watch a youtube video to know what to take apart and the modules are plug and play. Apple carplay can be mostly controlled with steering wheel controls without the cluster upgrade. Fast shipping and great communications.

  29. THOMAS GRIEGO (verified owner)

    Great item, just a little over a week from ordering to me receiving the radio and HMI. The GPS worked great installation took me less than 20 minutes to complete. I verified the extra items I needed before I submitted my order. I had super fast communication and responses for my questions before my purchase. Overall a great experience doing business with WAM.

  30. Robert Callenius (verified owner)

    Purchased the full radio/HMI package with all the extras for my 2015 Colorado Z71. My truck already had the max radio package (I06 with Bose and Nav and WiFi). 2015 did not have real Car Play and Android Auto. I tried the NavTool products first and was grossly disappointed. Once I discovered Chris was in this business, I knew that this was the answer for me. Chris had previously tuned my 2006 Trailblazer SS and that truck had power and reliability. Everything was plug and play as advertised, but unlike the Silverado, the only existing USB port (out of 3 locations) that would accept the new required USB hub was the double USB port for the rear seat passengers. What I did was to cut a new hole in the front of the console (just in front of the center console compartment) and re-route the factory harness to that location. That is where the new USB hub will mount. The system works without any issues and the USB in the front console location (under center dash) still works just fine. The rear seat USB ports (just charge function) will now be dead, but the power port can still be used to charge phones. I am very pleased with WAMS and waiting to purchase the AutoSync when they are back in stock. This is by far the best company for any GM programming and upgrades, I can’t wait to add many features to my BCM with the AutoSync. First class business in my opinion.

  31. Charles Shelley (verified owner)

    I ordered the Android Auto / CarPlay Upgrade Kit with the non-bose navigation HMI , it worked perfect.It was an easy installation including adding the new USB port and GPS antenna.It took less than an hour.There response to any questions I had and there were many , were answered almost immediately.The delivery time was very fast and the price was very reasonable compared to there competitors.I would reccomend this upgrade to anyone.Thanks again

  32. David Carelock (verified owner)

    Got the Carplay/AA kit for 2014 Sierra. Install went seamlessly and took around 30 min, gave me an excuse to change my cabin filter too lol. Also got the unlocked HMI for video in motion, along with the harness from HarnessDr for rearview camera in motion. Everything works just like factory, with no hiccups or glitches. It ain’t cheap but you definitely get what you pay for in this case.
    Also, I know it’s a brand new and updated HMI, so with that comes faster response times for turning up and down the volume, selecting presets, changing climate, opening factory nav…etc, MUCH more responsive!! Thanks WAMS🤘🏼

  33. polancomendoza (verified owner)

    Super happy with my purchase installed and working without any problem in my 2014 Cadillac Xts … now I am up to date, highly recommended

  34. Brandon Grogan (verified owner)

    After looking at different sites for the apple car/android auto upgrade I decided to go with White auto and glad I did. Shipping was fast and everything was new. Installed everything in under an hour and that’s only because GM decided to have the wire for the Usb hub fastened to the front of the console so I had to do some modifications to plug in new USB hub and that is not White auto fault. That is strictly GM lovely design . But the modules White auto supplies are plug and play and it work perfect and I’m glad I did it ! So much I convinced my buddy with his Sierra to do his as well!

  35. Matthew McBirney (verified owner)

    I have a 2015 Corvette with the base 1LT option package including the IO5 9 speaker Bose radio. I ordered this HMI and Radio package and sourced the USB module in the arm rest storage compartment on my own and saved quite a bit of money over the other places offering these Carplay conversion packages for 2014-15 Corvettes. I watched several Youtube videos on the install, and while working in a cramped under-dash spaces is never fun or easy I got it done in under 2 hours. Apple Carplay works great and the steering wheel volume controls still work. Apple maps, Google maps, and Waze are all better than having GM navigation. The only steering wheel control that doesn’t interface into Carplay is the voice command button; it doesnt bring up Siri but this is noted in the product description and I’m fine with that. WAMS offers a dash cluster reprogram to restore this feature but it hardly seems worth the expense. Overall I am very pleased with the HMI and radio upgrade!

  36. Zach Waltz (verified owner)

    Installed this in 2015 Yukon and worked perfectly. More importantly, the company contacted me shortly after ordering to confirm I had ordered the correct part – they corrected a mistake I made – incredible customer service and extremely helpful. Will definitely look to WAMS again for future needs.

  37. Jose Villatoro (verified owner)

    Recommend this product awesome straight forward worth the upgrade to my 2014 Chevrolet Silverado now I can use CarPlay which is so useful makes it look like a brand new truck

  38. myers4 (verified owner)

    Awesome service and product arrived quickly. Installed this in my 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ and everything installed perfectly and now have Android/Apple Carplay connectivity.

  39. TIM VOYER (verified owner)

    Ordered this upgrade along with the Denali cluster for my ’15 Sierra 2500HD. Arrived sooner than expected even with crossing the boarder. Everything works as it should. Very happy and glad to have chosen WAMS for this upgrade. 100% satisfied! Thanks guys!

  40. Jeffrey Phillips (verified owner)

    nice to have the carplay, easy to follow instructions, I would recommend this upgrade to anyone who does not have the carplay in their vehicle. I installed this in my 2015 silverado 2500HD

  41. Richard Hendricks (verified owner)

    Could not be happier with the service and product I received through WAMS. I went from a 2016 Silverado 2500 to a 15 denali 3500 and didn’t find out till afterwards it didn’t have CarPlay. I was so dissapointed and honestly wanted my truck back. Did some research and found the site and immediately ordered the product. Communicated back and forth a few times during some back order delays with the company and they were SUPER Responsive, even on the weekend. Got it quicker than I expected even with the delay, and it was super easy to install. Has all the features I wanted, plus some, and I am super happy with the product. Would reccomend this product and company to anyone (already have to a few people, haha).

  42. James Kizziar (verified owner)

    Received my upgrade kit for my 2014 Sierra and am more than happy. Install was easy using a YouTube video. Although I am only a week in very happy. I recently sold my “travel vehicle” which had CarPlay and really missed it. This one will take some getting used to but that’s no big problem. Now I want to do the Denali Cluster upgrade but looks like they have one for my truck on backorder. Hope they get one soon! Don’t hesitate if you are thinking about the CarPlay/Android Auto upgrade.

  43. Rogelio Alonso (verified owner)

    I installed apple car play, I got the hmi and radio from here and it works awesome. I highly recommend WAM you won’t be disappointed.

  44. Kevin Gooch (verified owner)

    If you have the want or need for Apple Car Play and/or Android Auto, you’ve found the the best equipment and place to purchase!! Super easy install and very fast shipping!!

  45. larryondovic (verified owner)

    I’m 100% satisfied with the upgrade to my 2014 Silverado. Ordering the unit was a breeze. It took me about 45 minutes to remove and replace the existing radio. I had a question about the USB port. The GM parts direct site flagged the unit that was recommended as “does not fit your truck”. On a Saturday afternoon, no less, I sent an email to sales to confirm that the flagged part was what I needed. I got a response in about 15 minutes. Great service. So now I have Apple Car Play for about ½ of what a local stereo shop quoted to upgrade the radio to a Kenwood. Plus, Sirius had stopped working on my old radio and now it comes in just fine. Thank you WAMS!

  46. Adam Gregoire (verified owner)

    I purchased this kit for my 2015 Yukon SLT and it was relatively easy to do. You need to be comfortable with the light disassembly of your vehicle’s dash. A basic screwdriver set/drill and some plastic tools to not scratch anything and you’re golden. If you’re on the fence about it, don’t be. The parts came brand new and work flawlessly.

  47. Robert Ciccone (verified owner)

    Bought the ApplePlay and HD radio upgrade modules for my 2015 Canyon. HMI arrived DOA. Customer service was extremely helpful, ordered a new unit from GM and it came much earlier than expected (despite the chip backorder). I then had a problem with ApplePlay working as the factory USB ports are not compatible. Again customer service was very helpful in troubleshooting. After spme trial and error I ended up ordering the suggested USB part #13519224 depsite the fact that the GM parts site state it is not compatible. So happy with my upgrade and their customer service is top notch. Highly recommend this company if you are looking to upgrade your audio.

  48. Steve Reitz (verified owner)

    This upgrade worked perfectly for my 2015 Silverado LT. I watched a few YouTube videos before install. Install was a breeze and only took 45 minutes. Only thing they don’t provide is the different USB port, but I found new one on eBay for cheap. Items shipped super fast and were packaged perfectly. I’m really happy with the upgrade. Thanks to WAMS for figuring this process out!

  49. Joseph Calabrese (verified owner)

    Bought this system for my 2014 Sierra SLT. Worked perfect. I appreciated how the equipment was packaged upon arrival protected, neat, and professionally. I wish I had done this sooner! Literally plug and play. Took me 20 mins to install. Just do it! (Insert Shia LaBeouf Meme here)

  50. bzysparky (verified owner)

    WOW it’s rare that a company delivers on every promise. I upgraded my 2014 Silverado with Apple CarPlay. I wish every company I’ve dealt with when it comes to upgrading my truck. It was plug and play as promised. The delivery was sooner then the lead time promised. The packaging was state of the art (A internal suspension system that kept all parts safe Wow!) to bad I’m limited to only 5 stars. I could go on and on but the bottom line is you would have to be crazy to use a different company unless you like paying more for less

  51. Michael Happ (verified owner)

    Great experience from start to finish – answered my product selection question very quickly and my order shipped well within the lead time estimate. Got everything installed in about an hour and now I’ve got CarPlay in a 2015 Yukon (that had a dead HMI before). Would highly recommend this route – cheaper than a dealer replacement, and a big upgrade in functionality.

  52. MARK CLEMENS (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow! Worth every penny. WAMS has the process down to a fine art. Basically, plug and play. Installation was also easy. Just find a YouTube video showing a HMI or Radio install for generally your car and year. This helps with finding where to unscrew vs where to just pull with a plastic panel removal tool. I had no experience with installing radio equipment since the 70’s. I actually found it much easier than what was needed in the old days like splicing wires. These new installs are simply snapping a few connectors together and pushing the boxes into place followed by covering them up with trim. This could not get any easier. I didn’t even bother to disconnect the car battery. If you are a fanatic about knowing what is going on with all of the computers in your car, I do recommend getting an OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner (works with iPhone, Android and Windows) or equivalent and scan for trouble codes before, clear and codes and then scan again after the install and test. It may report a code or two from the HMI install. No big deal to clear the additional codes as well. Then you will have a clean system where error codes in the future will have a chance at being something that may need to be looked into. Also, no additional codes will appear from the install after the post install clearing of codes. It is simply a one time clean up. I also recommending adding all of the options available on the web site. This will help future proof the install reducing the need to add more capability later resulting from something unpredictable like a family member buying an iPhone instead of an Android. In summary, the process was smooth. Installation was easy and the interface upgrades are perfect. In case you are wondering, I have a 2015 Suburban LTZ with all of the options for that year. This resulted in a very complex entertainment system with multiple screens for the rows of seats with Blue-ray, Navigation, etc. The big issue was a HMI 2.0 with the associated radio that did not have any of the newer capabilities of the HMI 2.5 with the newer associated radio. They are a pair and work together. WAMS set me up and there was little to no additional setup needed except some of creature comfort options that are stored on the old HMI and needed to be configured on the new HMI like door lock automation and window automation. No big deal. The interface for the creature comfort options are pretty much the same before and after the install. Thank you WAMS!

  53. Martin William Smirthwaite (verified owner)

    Ordered this kit for my , new to me 2014 Z71, mainly for the Apple car play. I went ahead and got everything for shitz and giggles. Came super fast. Packed and shipped in a very unique way. Kind of suspended in plastic. I had already watched multiple videos on the install so took me about 15 minutes. Snapped in booted up everything worked as advertised. Excellent product. Now I’m fighting temptation on upgrading the cluster. Would highly recommend.


  54. John Normandy (verified owner)

    I got the Android Auto/Carplay upgrade for my 2015 Chevy Tahoe LTZ. Obviously, this is not a cheap upgrade. However, if you look at the other 2-3 options that are out there, the WAMS option is the most cost-effective, and more importantly these guys know what they are doing. I was worried about the use of my steering wheel controls after the upgrade. I sent a note to WAMS and they told me flat out that based on their experience the steering wheel controls won’t work after installation of this Android Auto upgrade, but their separate cluster reprogramming service would make the steering wheel controls 100% functional (for another $225!). The other companies were really squishy about whether or not steering wheel controls would work after the upgrade which made me uncomfortable with their expertise. Based on the lead times published on their website, WAMS under-promised and over-delivered and my upgrade got to me earlier than expected. The upgrade works perfectly in my car as do the steering wheel controls as I opted for the cluster reprogramming service. My only regret is that I missed their Black Friday sale which would have saved me $35! But I’m delighted with how everything is working and highly recommend WAMS products and services.

  55. Michael Harvey (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with the upgrade! Did the Navigation HMI and Android Auto for 2014 GMC Sierra. Would 100% recommend! It’s very easy to install! Wish I would have done the full unlock, but it’s too late now. Either way, I still love it!

  56. Jameul Dye (verified owner)

    I am pleased with the upgrade. I purchased the HMI android and carplay upgrade and it works phenomenally. I would recommend this update to anyone who has a 2014 Chevy Silverado 8 in screen. Install is easy and only take :30-:45 minutes. 5 stars.

  57. Nick Munns (verified owner)

    This product for upgrading the HMI and Radio unit is spectacular it works flawlessly and adds that extra feature that is so cool and handy to have while keeping everything stock with genuine GM OEM parts I’m so pleased with this upgrade and would recommend this to anyone wanting to take their truck to the next level, it makes it feel like one of the brand new trucks I absolutely love it!

  58. Aaron Smith (verified owner)

    100% wish I had done this sooner! I got my wife’s 2015 Tahoe LTZ 4 years ago and can’t believe I didn’t do this immediately. It realistically takes about an hour at a reasonable pace. Buy a plastic panel tool set, and don’t forget their USB port recommendation! Again, can’t believe I waited so long. Steering wheel controls worked out the box for Apple CarPlay without any extras.

  59. Mike Polen (verified owner)

    I have a 2015.5 silverado 2500 LTZ, Z-71 duramax with navigation and bose radio and purchased the car play kit with upgraded maps and full unlock feature. I am extremely pleased with how quickly I recieved the product, it was very easy to install as well. I was going to send in my cluster so my steering wheel control buttons would work but I couldn’t be without my truck, to my surprise my steering wheel control buttons control everything anyway. I did have to order the camera adapter harness from Harness Dr. so I could use the camera in motion feature, but I believe that was in the information tab anyway when I ordered that upgrade. The updated maps were definitely worth the money as well. It is an expensive upgrade but I feel it is worth it.

  60. Donald Roberts (verified owner)

    Added Car play to my 2015 GMC Sierra, excellent mod – no issues everything worked as expected. Also got updated nav map and full unlock, now able to watch video from USB. Bose Stereo sounds great and all steering wheel controls work as normal.

  61. brentblaze (verified owner)

    I have a 2015 Chevy 2500 HD and selected to have the unlock and map upgrades. Everything shipped in a timely manner and was packaged safely. Everything works perfectly. I did have to order the mod cable for the rear camera as suggested. Once it was installed the camera worked perfectly in drive or park along with the 25sec timer. All the steering wheel controls still work as they did before along with the cluster display with out any modifications needed. I really do not have any complaints at all. Well worth the money and it keeps your system factory as well. I am looking to upgrade the CD player to DVD player next as well.

  62. sethrdettmann (verified owner)

    Purchased the upgraded equipment in April, turn around was fast. They are very helpful and fast about getting back to your questions.

  63. Matthew Lippman (verified owner)

    I cannot express the level of happiness given by keeping all major stock hardware with compatibility to new devices! The addition of a fresh look with a updated map and added software is the extra icing on the cake. If I could give 10 stars I would. I WILL be getting a new cluster with this group as well. Last note read the FAQs carefully there is very good info that will help you avoid unnecessary returns.😉 thank you for the work you do here and for the attention to detail with easy access to the trial and error information for those of us trying to get the perfect feel for our vehicle.

  64. Brian Wells (verified owner)

    My 2015 Suburban LTZ had an odd RPO code for the manufacture date and they confidently steered me to the correct product. Installation took about an hour because I also installed the Denali cluster at the same time. Android Auto works as advertised. Bonus: SXM reception is vastly improved. Previously SXM had major difficulties grabbing any channel, but now any channel tunes in a just a second or two. Very impressed with the customer service, turn around time, and functionality of the radio and HMI.

  65. Andrew Jones (verified owner)

    I needed a new HMI due to (Service rear vision system) DTC B127B. Decided to Upgraded from IO6 2.0 to 2.5 Android Auto / Apple CarPlay Upgrade Kit 2014-2015 The supplied modules and programming works perfectly as described 100% No errors or DTC after installation. Truly plug and play. The upgrade kit has more options and is faster and smoother than the original. Android Auto works as advertised. Best of all the rear camera work again! The service, turn around time and communication WAMS provided was excellent. Highly recommended and would use again. Not having to deal with a GM dealership is worth 5 stars alone.

  66. Rebecca Arnesen (verified owner)

    WAMS has knocked it out of the park with an amazing product! They were incredibly helpful when answering my questions, installation was a breeze, and the product exceeded expectations. I have a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali and lucked out that all of my steering controls work with the CarPlay Upgrade without having to further upgrade my cluster at all. Great company all around!

  67. David Thompson (verified owner)

    Very pleased with ease of installation, features, and price. This was a much welcomed upgrade.

  68. Cameron Skaats (verified owner)

    Very happy with the fit and finished result of my CarPlay upgrade on my 15 Sierra. Very OEM look and easy install. Fast shipping too! Would recommend and buy again.

  69. spen5151 (verified owner)

    Ordered for my 2015 Silverado 1500 with standard radio without navigation. Works perfect, very fast processing and shipping time. Arrived in good shape. Very quick to install (30 mins taking my time). Extremely happy to have the new functionality added of Apple Car Play to my truck. Thank you.

  70. Andrew McCoy (verified owner)

    Ordered for my 2014 Corvette, worked perfectly on install. Extremely pleased with the product and the service I received

  71. Keith Lafon (verified owner)

    Got my HMI Much faster than anticipated and the installation was a breeze. Had my truck upgraded with apple car play in about 20 minutes. start to finish. Could not be happier with the customer service and quality of the product I received. Will recommend to anyone who needs this service.

  72. Lonny Bosch (verified owner)

    I have a 2015 GMC 2500HD Denali and I ordered the CarPlay upgrade. Went through the process in detail and received package on time. Also ordered the suggested cable for the backup camera and the suggested USB adapter. All installed very easily. Watched a couple of YouTube videos to get an idea on how to install. Took about 2 hours first time. I bet if I had to do it again would only take an hour to hour and a half.

  73. Daniel May (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with the overall experience. I upgraded my 2014 Silverado to Apple Car Play and also had my cluster reprogrammed to use my steering wheel controls. I was a little nervous about shipping my cluster in, and had quite a few questions. WAMS too the time to answer all of them. Everything was returned back to me earlier than quoted. It was all plug and play and worked just as it should the first time I turned it all on. The only constructive criticism I would have is that I never received a shipping email for my first shipment. I had to check in my account on the website.

  74. Aaron Barnes (verified owner)

    Excellent service!! Everything works as it should. They answers all my questions in a timely manner!!!! Thanks Guys

  75. jpesicka (verified owner)

    Thanks to WAMS I now have Apple Car Play in my 2015 Corvette. Everything worked as expected. Installation was a bit of a pain, but not too bad. Watched 3 different videos and kind of mixed and matched to find the best way for me. We’re headed out on a long Vette trip and Car Play will be so much help. Thanks again WAMS.

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