2014-2019 K2XX Park Assist Control Module Programming



Are you trying to add Front Park Assist to your truck? Perhaps you want to add Front AND Rear park assist to your truck. Either way WAMS has you covered with this exclusive custom programming to retrofit front or front and rear park assist to your K2 truck or SUV!

You are responsible for wiring in the sensors and all fitment items but we’ll handle the programming so that the Park Assist module is plug and play. PLEASE NOTE if you did NOT have Park Assist at all from the factory instrument cluster programming will be required to enable the display and if you wish to have the camera warning icon indicators HMI programming may be necessary as well.

This is a ship in service for the Park Assist black box only. You don’t need to send anything else other than the module to us. This service does not include any hardware you must ship in the Park Assist module you sourced after verifying it us via Email for a retrofit/upgrade situation (which is what this is for).


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