2014-19 (K2XX) Denali Cluster Upgrade / Retrofit

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We realize there is a lot to read here but it’s in everyone’s best interest to read **all** of the information presented here including the FAQ portion. This is admittedly a complicated product/service with many facets depending on your vehicle build, mods, warranty status etc. We have tried to make this as comprehensive and easy to understand as humanly possible but if we missed something please drop us a line and ask!

This exclusive ship in service allows for complete 100% factory correct operation of a K2XX Denali cluster (that you can supply or choose to have us supply a brand new unit via the drop down menus) into a non-Denali Truck or SUV with plug and play simplicity and no errors or more importantly NO tamper flags!! This service is 100% custom to your vehicle and options and can be tweaked/adjusted for mods such as added OEM navigation, added front park assist, HUD hardware retrofit as well as parts removed such as magnetic ride, suppression of warning messages and lights etc. This service when done in the recommended manner (new cluster/matching vehicle year/content) is 100% warranty compliant.

PLEASE NOTE: If we are supplying the hardware it is special order and subject to varying lead time as there are just so many different configurations it would be difficult to stock them all. Please make sure you triple check your selected cluster before checking out as the system automatically places an order with our supplier.


Q: How does this work?
A: You can choose to have us supply the 100% correct OEM Brand New cluster by using the drop downs above OR you may choose to source a new or used cluster on your own. If you choose to go the supply your own route you first figure out your application (E.G. Gas US Spec and model year) and using the fitment matrix / parts list linked below source the appropriate cluster (new or used). If you wish to have 100% OEM functionality you MUST use the same model year and engine type cluster as your truck; the ONLY exception to this is if you have had us do the proper Car Play/Android Auto retrofit programming using modules on our supported list. Then and only then you must use a 2016 Red or Blue GAS part number;  please note there is NO part number for a 2016 Blue DIESEL BUT we have developed a way to retrofit a 2017 Diesel Cluster for proper operation in conjunction with the Car Play/Android Auto upgrade or a factory 2016 Diesel. If you wish to retain OEM/Extended Warranty compliance you will need to choose to have us supply the proper brand new unit (which has its own additional warranty as well!) After confirming proper fitment using the fitment matrix (or just simply choose to have us supply the unit) you then place an order (please pay attention to the cluster condition option(s)!) and follow the shipping instructions provided.  Upon return simply plug the unit in and you’ll be golden; yes it’s really that simple.

Q: How do you know what options my truck has so the cluster can be properly configured?
A: From your VIN! If you have added any factory options you think the cluster should display or interact with just put them in the order notes.

Q: I have a 2015 truck how do I tell if I have a 2015 or a 2015.5
A: If you have RPO (on your build sticker likely in your glove box) AVF OR VV4 you will utilize the 2015.5 part numbers.

Q: Can you do this for Export (Metric clusters)?
A: Yes we can and we can supply them as well via the drop down.

Q: Can you program an Escalade cluster to work?
A: Yes provided we match the model year just like the Denali HOWEVER the unit itself is more expensive, does not fit the cluster opening properly, coloring doesn’t match, costs considerably more to program and does not meet the warranty criteria; if you really want it we are happy do it but we generally advise against It for those reasons.

Q: Will this work for my 2014 GMT900 Truck or SUV?
A: No. This is for the K2 platform vehicles only.

Q: Does it HAVE to be the same model year of cluster as my truck?

A: If you wish to have 100% OEM functionality you MUST use the same model year and engine type cluster as your truck; the ONLY exception to this is if you have had us do the proper Car Play/Android Auto retrofit programming using modules on our supported list. Then and only then you must use a 2016 Red or Blue GAS part number;  please note there is NO part number for a 2016 Blue DIESEL BUT we have developed a way to retrofit a 2017 Blue Diesel Cluster for proper operation in conjunction with the Car Play/Android Auto upgrade or a factory 2016 Diesel. If you wish to retain OEM/Extended Warranty compliance you will need to choose to have us supply the proper brand new unit (which has its own additional warranty as well!) Please contact us prior to ordering if you have a mismatch situation so we can confirm which cluster you are looking at and your build to see what you may run into.

Q: I want to do the 2016 cluster retrofit into a 2014-2015.5 so that I can get a Blue/Green Cluster in my Silverado and get the steering wheel controls back inside Car Play/Android Auto; what do I do?
A: Contact us and let us know which HMI and Radio you used and we can go from there. If you did a Car Play retrofit through us using the best practices hardware list we provide you can utilize any of the 2016 Part numbers that match your application/coloring. If you have a Chevrolet Diesel please contact us to go over how we can make the proper colored cluster work in your application.

Q: I have a 2016 Silverado but all I have seen are red clusters what do I do?
A: There are 2016 Blue Gas US spec and Export part numbers on our part number list and we can supply both. If you have a Diesel please utilize a 2017 Blue Diesel Part number.

Q: I did a Car Play/Android Auto retrofit and don’t have some steering wheel controls inside of Car Play/Android Auto; can you help me?
A: Yes but there is a specific list of compatible components and we need to do the programming on the other modules to make sure everything is 100% perfect. If you plan on doing the CP/AA upgrade at any point it’s best to try to do it all at the same time to save yourself a potential headache. If you are having us do the conversion please utilize the 2016 Red or Blue GAS clusters or the 2017 Diesel unit as outlined above.

Q: I have an IO3/IOB Radio will this cluster work in my application?
A: Yes it will work however you will not see any audio information etc. Most people get this upgrade to use when replacing the IO3/IOB radio with an aftermarket radio. You will also need steering wheel controls to interact with the various cluster menus.

Q: Will I lose any features?
A: No you should not lose any features that you had before.

Q: Will I gain any features?
A: You may gain some features as the Denali clusters have slightly different menus. We can also enable things you have added such as indicators for front park assist or the Navigation menu if you have added factory navigation. If you have added FACTORY options that your truck didn’t have please put what you have added in the notes section.

Q: Can you delete warning indicators for items I may have removed from the Vehicle??
A: Yes we can, this would all be custom and priced as such, contact us for details.

Q: What is the HUD Retrofit Option?
A: This enables the unit to drive a heads up display. Yes it can be installed no we do not provide support for that end of it but there is a fantastic write up on gm-trucks.com as well as harness from Pgamboa (Phil Gamboa) Please make sure you are choosing a cluster that has a HUD output (Diesel Units do not have HUD outputs) if you think you are going to do this mod. If you have forward collision alert and are not 110% set on doing the HUD upgrade we recommend you do NOT choose this option as it will disable the LED Forward Collision Alert indicator.

Q: What is the Odometer Lock Option?
A: The Odometer lock  option removes the odometer hard lock from a cluster that has been tampered with or improperly installed (Odometer Showing ——). Please note that some 2014 and Early 2015 units are unable to have the odometer lock removed once its “hard set”.

Q. Why don’t you ask for my Mileage? What happens to my odometer?
A. Your odometer will sync to your vehicle at install at the correct current milage this is plug and play with no user intervention required.

Q: What about my engine hours?
A: The Denali cluster shows total running hours as well as idle hours. The base clusters only display total running hours. We reset both fields to zero as part of this service however if you truly want the hours programmed in you will need to have BOTH the total hours AND idle hours read out with GDS 2 at a dealership and provide us a copy of that report.

Q: Do I need to send in my factory cluster?
A. No, we only need you to send the Denali cluster you are sourcing (if you are choosing to supply it)

Q: Where is the transmission temp gauge now?
A: It’s automatically displayed when in tow haul mode. This is the only location of this gauge now there is no provision for it to be its own standalone menu like the base cluster.

Q: Why is my Silverado showing an SUV icon for some things?
A: This allows you to utilize the Chevrolet branding and startup screen whereas to keep the pickup truck icon it would have been GMC/Denali themed. We have yet to have a Chevrolet customer who DIDN’T want the Chevrolet startup so this is how we set them up.


18 reviews for 2014-19 (K2XX) Denali Cluster Upgrade / Retrofit

  1. bcdonald (verified owner)

    Absolutely EXCELLENT product. Works 100% as it should. Just like if it came from GM. One of the best upgrades that I have done to my Silverado. WAMS was even very helpful in me choosing the right cluster (I sourced it myself) even they sell them as well. Would not hesitate to order from them again.

  2. calhounauto (verified owner)

    Awesome value! I own a small auto operation and this is a pretty great deal considering the price they charge for the cluster is less than what we would have paid from the dealer on our jobber account. arrived super fast in brand new condition and OEM secure packaging, would give it six stars if I could!

  3. jaknoblock (verified owner)

    The responsiveness and service WAMS provides is top notch. Emails answered in minutes, order received in less than a week and functionality upon installation was as advertised. As for the cluster itself, major upgrade on my 2015 Tahoe’s standard cluster. Big improvement in looks and functionality. Did the cluster along with the CarPlay upgrade and the two work together seamlessly. Everything functions as it should. Highly recommend!

  4. adelfaraj (verified owner)

    Awesome cluster and worth every penny!! I love them!! Easy to install and works immediately, the functions are fluid and smooth. Absolutely no regrets on this!! Great job guys!!!

  5. Torry Taylor (verified owner)

    The Denali cluster upgrade made my interior look 100 times better! I got the cluster back in less than a week from White Auto. Great service!

  6. kylelake (verified owner)

    Rockstars right from the Get go. I originally purchased my cluster and radio modules last year and had to wait a whole year to get them sent out to the guys. I sent it out right at the begining of the Covid-19 pandemic. they were still up and running and getting everything done. when i shipped the cluster lens had cracked, i had found a place just down the road that had new lens in stock, they shipped to Chris and the guys and got it swapped for me. everything runs as it should and install was a piece of cake!. I could not recommend these guys enough. i have two friends that are looking into this swap now as well and have given the WAMS information to them. if you are second guessing your self on the swap. do it, you wont regret it

  7. Josh (verified owner)

    2016 silverado ltz. bought a new denali cluster with hud from them, and was a simple remove and replace. i wanted the hud option. i did retrofit a hud into my truck and it works flawlessly. packaging was great. order and shipping was fast! wams is the best on the market!

  8. Josh (verified owner)

    2015 tahoe. had to upgrade the hmi and radio, and was able to retrofit the denali cluster with hud into my wifes tahoe. was worth the money for the upgrade!

  9. jabrams556 (verified owner)

    Great upgrade from a great company. WAMS provided a brand new cluster that worked flawlessly from the start.

  10. Oisin (verified owner)

    Installed the Denali cluster in my 2017 GMC Sierra SLT. Highly recommend this upgrade. Install took about 10 minutes. Great service from WAMS along the way. Bit of a delay with Covid-19. Cluster Works perfectly. Ordered the cluster through WAMS in Export Spec KPH. 10/10 will use WAMS for my future upgrades.

  11. John Fleming (verified owner)

    Great upgrade to compliment the AA/Carplay upgrade. Works perfect. Great service from WAMS when I had questions after the install, they were very quick to reply!

  12. Logan Boettcher (verified owner)

    WAMS blew my expectations out of the water! Awesome communication for all the questions I had, and an insanely quick turnaround time. Highly recommend!

  13. Josh Aberdeen (verified owner)

    Amazing product and customer service! Do your homework and read the product description and you’ll be a pro at this. Had WAMS supply the unit and it arrived as descirbed brand new in the AC Delco Crate in record time; best mod on my Silverado to date!

  14. Jesus Rivera (verified owner)

    these guys are rock stars. i fell for the “its plug and play” crap on the truck facebook page and even though plenty of people warned me ignored them and put a used cluster in my truck with no programming my next dealer visit my truck got flagged and i had a mess on my hands as to why my odometer wasnt showing. Whites worked with me to get the cluster fixed and properly programmed so my odometer came back and i didnt have any more service warnings at startup then went the extra mile to work with my dealer to clean up the mess i created. id give them 50 stars if i could thank you so much again!!

  15. Luis Gaytan (verified owner)

    WAMS personnel were very supportive throughout the whole process and they shipped out the cluster really quick. I experienced big issues with the shipper as the shipper damaged my item, however, WAMS was quick to resolve the issue and replace the damaged equipment. The cluster works amazing and I love it! Glad I choose WAMS for my cluster.

  16. pedro Rodriguez (verified owner)

    exelent product I am very hapy tnks 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Mubarak Alayobi KWI-45584 (verified owner)

    Very excellent and their work is free from errors

  18. navyvet8892 (verified owner)

    This cluster is fantastic. It’s beautiful and works flawlessly. Such a great addition to my truck. I am absolutely 100% satisfied. 5 stars all the way!

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