Front / Rear Seat Entertainment Retrofit / Upgrade (Blu Ray / DVD) 2014-2019 (K2)




This upgrade includes all of the programming (and hardware if you choose to have us provide them) necessary to retrofit the factory Blu Ray / DVD player into a K2XX Pickup (SUV applications coming soon) for front seat entertainment with the option to later add Rear Seat Entertainment if you choose. This upgrade will require a fantastic plug and play harness available from that makes the front entertainment system completely plug and play and easily removable should you need to.

The programming included here is a package deal for programming the Blu Ray / DVD Player as well as our Full HMI Unlock Service which includes video in motion from Blu Ray / DVD and USB as well as nav entry in motion (if nav equipped) and Rear Camera in Motion etc. Please see that product for all of the important details. You must ship in YOUR HMI for this product/service. If you choose for us to supply the hardware you must still ship your HMI in to us for programming we will then ship it back with the new Blu Ray Player and Screen.

If you have chosen to supply your own hardware after purchase you will need to ship us your Blu Ray / DVD player module and factory HMI module unless you are considering upgrading to car play in which case you should contact us first to make sure you are getting the appropriate hardware or we can supply that as well. You do not need to ship us the upgraded screen that supports the Blu Ray / DVD player; that is plug and play.

It is also possible to retrofit the rear screen however there are many options for that retrofit such as do you want headsets etc and the price can jump quickly so we have chosen to quote those via email for the time being until we can find a nice way to have that flow on the website in a way that makes sense.

To utilize this system you must have an IO5 or IO6 HMI/Audio system which you can verify by looking at your RPO label (generally in the glove box) if you have an IO4 system there is an upgrade path to this but its extensive.

PLEASE NOTE: If we are supplying the parts for this service they are all BRAND NEW with NO CORE.



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