2016 (Only) Android Auto / Apple CarPlay Upgrade / Retrofit

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For the 2016 Model year GM was forced to build certain vehicle lines with the older Version 2.0 IO5/IO6 HMI units that were not  Car Play / Android Auto Capable. You can identify if you have one of these vehicles by checking your vehicles RPO (option code) label (Generally in the Glove Box) and looking for the RPO Code “CPO” on the label which means “CREDIT – APPLE CARPLAY / ANDROID AUTO NOT AVAILABLE” if you have this you are in the right place. If you have RPO CPO you DO NOT HAVE the right hardware to ship in an HMI for this service you MUST choose to have us supply one of the new units we offer. If you DON’T have this RPO and still don’t have car play please contact us so we can assist with other remedies.

If you dont have this RPO and are ONLY missing Android Auto you already have a 2.5 HMI and are just missing the Android Auto Software. You may order this service and ship the HMI from your vehicle to be updated and add Android Auto.

The good news is if you have RPO “CPO” while you don’t have the Car Play capable HMI you DO have the Correct Radio, Cluster and USB hub so an HMI swap in this instance is all thats needed.

You  may choose to source your own hardware and save some money (Please confirm the HMI part number before ordering this service or any hardware with our “best practices” list below) OR we can supply a new HMI (not factory seconds or used/salvage/second hand) if you so choose. If we supply the units they carry the full factory warranty as well as our limited warranty. Again if you have RPO CPO your factory 2.0 HMI is NOT capable of Car Play or Android Auto operation and must be replaced using the choices above.

If you are ordering a navigation HMI but do not have factory navigation please note you will need to provide a GPS antenna or factory onstar signal splitter and cables. We can help you source these if need be!

Other modules outside of the “best practices” list may be able to be utilized but you may not get all of the features, have features that are not compatible with your vehicle or may hamper future upgrades. If you are truly unable to find any of the modules listed below drop us a line from the “Contact Us” tab with what you are able to locate and we can go through what (if any) detriments you may have.

Please make sure you disconnect the battery from the vehicle before reinstalling your freshly programmed modules. While not required this minimizes the possibility for damage or DTC’s.
PLEASE NOTE: As outlined above this item/service is ONLY IO5/IO6 8″ Equipped vehicles that meet the requirements above; this will not work with the 7″ IOB infotainment. If you have RPO CPO you will lose time shift (pause/rewind live radio) with the new HMI as support does not exist on the new units for that just as if it were factory.

About the optional Add Ons:

Map Update: This is for Navigation HMI’s only to upgrade the Map Database to the Model Year data listed. Generally we always offer the most up to date available data.

Full HMI Unlock Programming: Adds a ton of useful features at a discounted price. Please Click Here for the full feature set of this awesome Add On!


Best Practices Hardware List:
Any of the part numbers under the heading you are looking for will work so feel free to search for all of them if 
need be and if you cant find them we can source them for you!

HMI (Human Machine Interface):
North American Spec Non-Navigation (OnStar Nav RPO IO5)

North American Spec Navigation (RPO IO6)

30 reviews for 2016 (Only) Android Auto / Apple CarPlay Upgrade / Retrofit

  1. jkscam (verified owner)

    Honestly I just wanted to give you guys a big s/o you guys did a fabulous job on my hmi I will recommend this to everyone even the damn shipping box was awesome very satisfied customer 

  2. Shannon Sturm (verified owner)

    Great customer service and the new 2.5 unlocked module is great!! thanks again

  3. Dallas Fountain (verified owner)

    My 2016 Silverado didn’t come with Carplay from the factory. I contacted these guys and got me setup, I received my hmi module from them and they exceeded My Expectation’s I highly recommend, highly knowledgeable staff and great customer service!

  4. Lance Paddock (verified owner)

    My 2016 Silverado with io5 8″ Radio had no backup camera or android auto-enabled. There android update and him unlock did exactly what I wanted at a reasonable price. Will definitely look to your services for future needs.

  5. Patrick Moran (verified owner)

    Awesome product! True plug and play and couldn’t be easier.

  6. kenw56148 (verified owner)

    This is it! Dealer wanted 2x the cost. Pure PNP. change the cabin filter you can do this. Great service and great product. Thanks!

  7. LEE HANDEL (verified owner)

    This is practically the best option for anyone out there without Carplay/AA. Combined with Phil Gamboa’s Youtube video, this is a fantastic product that will put your vehicle at the top of the line with all the added functionality you require to keep Nav, streaming music and everything Carplay provides. I had a small issue with the unit that was shipped, but the Sales staff jumped right on it and fixed my issue and even through in a huge bonus for my trouble. Its the only reason I didn’t give this a 5-star review, but honestly if you are reading this review you should not hesitate to work with the WAMS team for your updates.

  8. Joshua Dickens (verified owner)

    Wish I would have found this 4 years ago! Great product and installation is very easy!!!

  9. John Ramirez (verified owner)

    Great great product guys .
    The only negative thing I can think of is why didn’t I find out about you guys before . Easy installation truly plug in and play . Anyone thinking of getting this it’s totally worth it . Order was easy — status of order easy to follow -shipping info super easy 100% satisfied thanks guys

  10. Adam Feber (verified owner)

    The screen on my 2016 Silverado gave me a “waiting for media update” message one day and then went blank and didn’t come back on. I took it to the dealership and they charged me $165 to diagnose that my HMI was shot and needed to be replaced which would run $1050 for a new HMI and 2 hours for install. I found this online and decided to give it a shot. It came quickly and all I did was plug it in, start my truck, and I’m back in business!

  11. Mike Ellis (verified owner)

    Great service you could not ask for anything better or easy. I hade it installed in about 4 mins. It works perfect

  12. John Colver (verified owner)

    I had bought a 2016 and was pretty bummed to find CarPlay didn’t work. After allot of searching I was referred to this service. Went salvage yard hunting, found a non nav HMI for $60. Sent it in and a week later and 5 minute install everything works great. I might go hunting for a nav HMI now and do the full unlock. Very satisfied

  13. ThorTheRock (verified owner)

    I will admit i was a little concerned about sending in my HMI and not being able to utilize my truck, But WAMS took care of everything quickly and professionally! I couldn’t be more Excited! To the point i even left work early to install it. 4 – T-10 torx screws and plug and play! I am beyond impressed! If you’re even on the fence about this upgrade. DO IT! My 2016 truck with Android Auto runs perfectly!!!!! Nothing but Great things to say about WAMS!!!! I just wished i pulled the trigger sooner!!!! Thanks again for the amazing work!!!!!

  14. Kenneth Koller (verified owner)

    Very happy with my new HMI! I too was unhappy my new to me 2016 Sierra had the CarPlay delete. I purchased a new HMI from these guys. It worked great but I still had a few questions. I emailed them around 9-10 pm and they were answering me within only minutes back and forth a few times. I can’t ask for any better responsiveness than that! Wonderful people to work with.

  15. Darren Nunnikhoven (verified owner)

    So worth the money to have WAMS program my HMI so I can now use Android Auto!!! I am so glad I found your website/video. I’d give you 10 stars if I could

  16. Miguel Portals (verified owner)

    Did the full enchilada (Android auto + map update + full unlock) and it is well worth it. Very fast turn around! Very happy!

  17. Jacob Caulfield (verified owner)

    1. Fixed my black screen after nearly 2 months of trying to figure out what the problem was without the dealership. I hate the idea of knowingly giving my money to a dealership that is just trying to rip me off. Simple plug and play, screen came back on and radio worked with no problems..
    Customer service was great with no problems. Took me a few days to decide to spend the money on this but I just did it. No regrets!

  18. sterlingian07 (verified owner)

    When I bought my truck in 2018 I was sad to realize I didn’t have apple CarPlay. Since then I had been looking for a solution to add it and still look/perform factory, THIS IS IT! I’ve had it about 2 weeks and couldn’t be happier. Just buy it!

  19. Cliff Sims (verified owner)

    I usually don’t leave reviews, but feel like this company deserved it!
    WOW! What a great company to deal with! I’m so glad I trusted them to update my HMI. Great at email responses, great at recommending a wire harness, to allow you to drive your truck while your HMI is out! Turnaround time was awesome too! Thank you WAMS!

  20. Jaime Villanueva (verified owner)

    As promised, I disconnected the HMI and plug in the new HMI from WAMS without any issues. Thank you so much WAMS and this DIY guy highly recommends WAMS! Car play rocks the sounds quality is the best!

  21. alex.luis95 (verified owner)

    GREAT PRODUCT !!! I read everything on the product page, straight forward details and instructions. Works perfectly fine, I will be back in a year for another review. Thank You WAMS!

  22. Caleb Lara (verified owner)

    Ordered this 2.5 HMI and received it within a few business days! Product gave me Apple CarPlay as I wanted and works to perfection. Installation is extremely simple . Also the customer service was great, spot on with quick replies to emails .

  23. ebonics676 (verified owner)

    My second oredered service from WAMS and another knock it out the park level of experience. I sent in a compatible HMI module I sourced privately, and WAMS reprogrammed the module for my vehicle in short order. I now have Onboard Factory Navigation, Andriod Auto and Apple Carplay capabilities, plus all unlocked features. Thanks WAMS!!!

  24. Kevin Reilly (verified owner)

    Had module shipped to a friend for his truck. Sent him an install video and he was able to install it pretty quickly. Initially had a black screen on startup, but a reseating of the connectors cleared it up and now everything works perfectly. Super impressed with how truly plug and play it was, and my friend now gets to enjoy Android Auto after owning that truck for years. The VIN validation was very helpful and the product page explained all of the build codes to look for in order to make sure I was buying the right module. That made me very confident in the decision to purchase and as hoped, it all worked perfectly.

    Absolutely stellar service that you guys sell. Never really considered that it was an option to do upgrades like this aftermarket without a dealer. Now I need to find a similar service for other brands as well!

  25. Crazygrady (verified owner)

    WOW. I have a 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 and my HMI / Infotainment center was very basic and boring. I found this company through Phil Gamboa on YouTube. He has a lot of videos showing how to transform you’re Chevy / GMC truck. Through his recommendation I looked up WAMS and boy am I glad I did. I had the old 2.0 no nav, no carplay or android auto HMI set up so I had WAMS supply a new 2.5 navigation HMI with android auto and apple carplay, they unlocked the HMI and updated it to 2023 maps for navigation. It has transformed my truck from boring to amazing. WAMS answered every question through email very quickly and when I ran into a problem and had to mail ithe HMI back the had it back to me and fixed in about 5 days. I was very impressed with there customer service and professionalism. I also had to order a new screen to fix the ghost problem a lot of Chevy’s and GMC”s have. All the parts I received were new and from GM. I am very impressed with WAMS and would recommend them to anyone.
    P.S. if you have your HMI unlocked ask them where to get the plug and play pigtail so you can turn your rear camera on in motion without having to be in reverse, it’s worth it.
    Again thank you WAMS. 👍

  26. Jeffrey GROFF (verified owner)

    Through this site, I realized my 2016 Silverado was a “CPO”-Car Play delete. Ordered the 2.5 HMI, installed in about 20 minutes and now everything on Carplay works! I really needed Carplay now that Michigan and Ohio have “hands-free” laws in place (and it’s much safer).

  27. Terry Henry (verified owner)

    My truck is now complete! Awesome service and communication. Will recommend to everyone I know.

  28. P G Peterson III (verified owner)

    Upgraded the 2016 Silverado to Apple Play. Literally, plug and play. Couldn’t be easier. The timelines posted on the site are absolutely accurate. Very happy. Thanks for providing an excellent service!!

  29. Michael Herrmann (verified owner)

    ABSOLUTELY the easiest install I’ve done in many years of working on vehicles. Luckily my 2016 Silverado had the right code for me to just need this item to upgrade to the Apple CarPlay. I was skeptical at first reading through some of the other reviews, but I am super happy that I did this. Saved me a lot of $$$ instead of going through the dealership in town. Would HIGHLY recommend this option and WAMS as a source for other users intending to do the same thing. The ordering process was easy, my questions were answered quickly, and the product came to me quickly. Install was so easy once I got the system. Disconnect the battery, take out four screws to pop out the lower glovebox, unplug the old kit, plug in the new one. Reinstall the glovebox and connect the battery. The first turn of the ignition and everything worked perfectly. I’ve not done anything to a truck that easily. Thank you WAMS, you guys are awesome!!

  30. Evan St George (verified owner)

    I wanted to add Car Play to my Silverado, but wanted to retain the look & function of the factory stereo. Works exactly as it should, was a very easy install. Easy ordering & received it faster than I was expecting. Excellent product!

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