HD Radio Upgrade for GM HMI Based Infotainment

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Looking to add HD Radio to your 2014-2020 factory HMI based 8″ infotainment equipped GM Vehicle with proper OEM functionality? Look no further!

This kit includes a BRAND NEW (with full GM warranty) Radio Module custom programmed to your application that will add HD Radio functionality to your vehicle. These units also include XM radio as well.

So how does this work? First you must understand what your vehicle requires. You’ll need to identify which type of radio your vehicle currently has; Bose/Premium or Base. You cannot mix and match radios, if you have Bose/Premium you need the Bose radio if you don’t you need the Base Radio. You can tell which Radio style you need by checking your vehicles RPO Code Label (Generally in the Glove box) for RPO (Option Code) UQ3/UQ5 you need a BASE Radio for RPO UQA/UQG/UQS you need a BOSE Radio. You’ll also need to verify you have RPO IO5 or IO6 to utilize this upgrade, this upgrade is not for IO3/4/B/R/S/T equipped vehicles.

Once you identify your audio type simply select your model year and that audio type from the selection list.

Installation is literally as simple as swapping out your existing radio for the new unit we will provide you; they will be plug and play. If you have XM radio you will need to call XM and transfer your subscription to the new unit. You can find the new XM Radio on the unit itself or by tuning to channel 0 on the XM band after installation.

1 review for HD Radio Upgrade for GM HMI Based Infotainment

  1. MICHAEL MACIEJEWSKI (verified owner)

    Fast service and radio works perfectly in my 2017 Chevy Colorado!

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