Global A Navigation Retrofit Programming Service





Our WAMS exclusive retrofit programming is now available for ALL 2010+ Global A Radios including: Colortouch, Intellilink, Mylink (as well as CUE/Next Gen GM HMI Based Radios under a different product available from

This service allows for simple plug and play installation of a navigation radio into your vehicle even if you are adding a newer radio. For example this service would allow you to take a non mylink vehicle and add mylink with the correct programming for the bus changes as well as audio settings etc.

Those of you who want to do the simplest and cost efficient navigation upgrade can also choose to retain your stock control panel and save $$. The Navigation portion and Destination input are available on the display screen for selection just as they normally would be.

This service ALSO includes our famous IWM/VIM programming whichallows complete (or near complete) functionality of the radio at all times; no more lockouts when the vehicle changes states. Features are dependent upon what kind of hardware you have for instance if your radio doesn’t already play DVD’s/Videos when stationary it wont after this programming but it will allow you to access the other features that get locked out.  If you have questions as to which features this will allow you to use please email us and let us know which type of radio you have (Text messaging on certain silverboxes may not function in motion etc). This service also allows for the addition of a backup camera as well as many other possible custom configurations.

This is a ship in service for the radio silverbox or Sonic/Spark Radio module only. You don’t need to send anything else other than the actual module to us.

We also now offer custom backup/parking guideline programming for the 2014 Mylink/Intellink Silverbox Radios. This service adds moving backup guidelines to assist lining up your target while backing up. Please note the option selection below for this additional service.

Now available: Affordable Map Updates! Get your maps updated to the latest version (2017 Currently!) when shipping in your 2014+ Silverboxes for programming.


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