2011-2013 Caprice PPV G8 Radio Retrofit Programming





Nearly identical to our Caprice PPV Radio Programming this adds the features below as well as extra time setting it up for a G8 (4 Channels vs 5, different VIN scheme etc).

 Features Include:

Bluetooth for Phone With Phonebook Download and Voice Command/Siri Access

Bluetooth Streaming Audio

Bluetooth Pairing of External Devices IE GPS systems for Voice Routing (Pending testing)

USB Audio Support

iPod/iPhone support

Rear Auxiliary Input

DVD (Video Input)

Backup Camera

In motion Lockouts (IWM/VIM) Removed for DVD/Phone

This is for the programming service only, you supply the PPV radio silverbox. Installation will require different trim in the vehicle as well as changing the radio pinout at the harness connector and/or adding a new PPV style connector as well as connecting the microphone wires from OnStar to the radio.

 Notes: This radio setup is currently not compatible with XM or OnStar and also may not function with the Center Channel speaker depending on which radio hardware you end up with.



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