G8 Atari Gauge Reprogramming



This is the ship in service to have your Atari Gauges Reprogrammed to something USEFUL!

This service includes reprogramming of YOUR unit that you are to ship in to the address listed under “Contact Us” to do the following:

-Delete Bar Graph Voltage/Oil Pressure in BAR

-Add Voltage/Oil Temp/Oil Pressure in English units WITH bar graphs below the readings also switchable to metric, dims the same as the factory Atari gauges.

Simply plug them back in after you recieve them back!

This service is primarily for owners of 2008 G8’s with the factory atari gauges. If you have purchased a set of 2008 gauges that you wish to have regreened to your 09 vin and hacked please choose the “Regreen 08 for 09” option below. If you have purchased a previously used set of Hacked Ataris that you wish to use in your 2009+ G8 choose the other regreen option.


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