Caprice PPV Custom BCM Programming Service 2011-2013




Looking to add all the creature comforts back into your Caprice PPV? WAMS has you covered with our custom BCM programming. This programming allows you to not only restore features that were deleted for 9C1/9C3 builds but also add new features as well such as fog lamps or remote start etc.

**This is a ship in service for your BCM**

Options :

7Y6 is a dome lamp override that turns the door jamb switch off so that the interior lights DO NOT come on when you open the door.

DRL’s refers to daytime running lamps and if you want them on or not.

Remote Start: This refers to the ability to remote start the vehicle from the keyfob like most other GM products. Turning this on will require a new remote start style GM Key Fob and may require a new hood switch or other minor wiring changes as well as possible recalibration of the RFA/RCDLR and Immobilizer to +BTV spec depending on how your vehicle was built. If you added the remote start key and that button pops the trunk you need to have the steps above completed.

NOTE:  BCM programming REQUIRES a Brake Pedal Position and SDM key relearn. This procedure takes less than two minutes with a Tech 2 (or other compatible high end scan tool). The car CAN be driven after installation however the Airbags may not deploy and it may be hard to get the vehicle into gear or the stop lamps may turn on incorrectly until these procedures are completed. The vehicle will also have service ABS and Airbag indicators until these procedures are completed.


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