Blazer Uplevel Cluster Upgrade Kit 2019+





This kit includes a brand new cluster with full warranty pre-programmed for a plug and play installation! This cluster is 100% custom to your vehicles options and can be tweaked/adjusted for mods such as added OEM navigation, etc. This kit when done in the recommended manner (cluster/matching vehicle year/engine) is 100% warranty compliant. Please make sure you read the entire FAQ section prior to ordering!

PLEASE NOTE: These units are special order and subject to varying lead time beyond our control. Please make sure you triple check your selected cluster before checking out as the system automatically places an order with the manufacturer.


Q: How does this work?
A: Simply choose your model year and if applicable engine type from the drop down. The model year must match your vehicles model year and engine type (if shown as an option must match as well). Once the new unit arrives simply install the new pre-programmed unit and go!

Q: I have upgraded or plan on upgrading to factory navigation eventually; will this cluster show the speed limit? Yes it will. We setup all of these for navigation regardless so that it doesn’t need to be sent back when you finally perform the upgrade.

Q: How do you know what options my Blazer has so the cluster can be properly configured?
A: From your VIN! If you have added any factory options you think the cluster should display or interact with just put them in the order notes.

Q: Can you do this for Export (Metric clusters)?
A: Absolutely and we can supply them as well in the same manner as US spec units. Generally the only real differences are the icons on the fuel gauge and the temperature scale. If you’re ok with the US version simply order that and we will setup the center display with the speedometer in metric.

Q: Does it HAVE to be the same model year of cluster as my Blazer?
A: If you wish to have 100% OEM functionality AND retain your factory or factory backed extended warranty you MUST choose the same model year cluster as your Blazer as directed.

Q: Will I lose any features?
A: No you should not lose any features that you had before although features may be combined as part of different menus/displays now.

Q: Will I gain any features?
A: You may gain some features depending on vehicle content and which options you choose. These units do have slightly different menu selections. We can also enable things you have added such as indicators for front park assist or the Navigation menu if you have added factory navigation. If you have added FACTORY options that your Blazer didn’t have please put what you have added in the order notes section at checkout.

Q: Can you delete warning indicators for items I may have removed from the Vehicle??
A: Yes we can, this would all be custom and priced as such, contact us for details.

Q. What is the Pocket Gauges and Transmission Temp option?
A. This option adds the ability to customize the “pocket gauges” located on the left and right side of the screen that are normally not configurable as well as adding a transmission temperature gauge. Please note that the Pocket Gauges portion of this options is only compatible with the 2019-2020 Blazer.

Q: Do I need to send in my factory cluster?
A. Nope!

Q. Will the cluster look exactly like whats shown in the product picture?
A. A 2019 unit is shown in the picture. The cluster will look different based on model year and options you choose but it will be correct for your model year.


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