Blazer Wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, Navigation and HD Radio Upgrade

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Add seamless Wireless Car Play, Wireless Android Auto, Factory Navigation and HD Radio to your IOS or IOT equipped 2020 (2019 Pending testing) Blazer with plug and play simplicity!

This WAMS exclusive upgrade includes a brand new radio module custom programmed to your vehicles specific content AND more importantly it’s pre-registered on the GM Back End for plug and play simplicity and 100% OEM operation including all OnStar functions, App Shop etc!

Please make sure you read through the ENTIRE description / Q&A section so you understand what this upgrade entails and if your vehicle is capable of it.


Q: How do I know if this upgrade will work for me?
A: You will need to have the IOS (Mid Level) Radio without navigation (With an SD Card Slot) or the IOT (Up Level) Navigation Radio currently for this system to work. It will NOT work on IOR equipped vehicles. If you are confused as to which version your vehicle has you can check the QR code on your build label to see which radio you have.

Q: It’s really plug and play?
A: Yes the unit arrives ready to go and pre registered with GM for infotainment feature continuity and plug and play simplicity. The ONLY thing you’ll have to do if you happen to have an active XM account will be to call them and tell them the new radio ID to transfer service over.

Q: How do you know which options I have?
A: We will configure the unit using the factory build data associated with your vin for options such as 360 cameras etc.

Q: Does this kit include the map database?
A: Yes it sure does!

Q: How hard is the install?
A: Pretty easy if you take your time and have basic Automotive knowledge. The unit resides behind the glove box so you must remove the lower insulator under the glove box, the garnish trim under the radio that runs from the drivers side to the passenger side and the glove box. Mostly trim clips with maybe 10 or so nuts/bolts involved. We will try to get a how to up as soon as possible. Just take your time and you’ll be fine!

Q: Does the HD Radio work as factory?
A: Yup 100% factory including displaying station HD status on the Uplevel Cluster.

Q: Whats the deal with the 2019 model year; I want this too!
A: We are taking an abundance of caution with these given the large changes between 2019 and 2020 including software changes as well as a WiFi antenna that is completely missing on the 2019 but present on 2020+ that these radios may use for the features we are adding. These antennas are generally in pretty hard to reach areas in the dash so retrofitting them may not be simple; we will be testing 2019 model years shortly!

1 review for Blazer Wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, Navigation and HD Radio Upgrade

  1. mlymons (verified owner)

    I purchased Blazer Wireless CarPlay for my 2020 Blazer Premier and I am very satisfied. I took a long trip this past weekend and it was great to be able to respond to my husband texts while I was driving and still be safe.
    Adding this upgrade to your vehicle will definitely add more value to your driving experience. I would recommend purchasing it. Best investment that I have made for my vehicle thus far.

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