Silverado / Sierra Wireless Car Play / Android Auto, Navigation and HD Radio Upgrade

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Add seamless Wireless Car Play, Wireless Android Auto, Factory Navigation and HD Radio to your IOS or IOT equipped 2019 and 2020 Silverado or Sierra with plug and play simplicity!

This WAMS exclusive upgrade includes a brand new radio module custom programmed to your vehicles specific content AND more importantly it’s pre-registered on the GM Back End for plug and play simplicity and 100% OEM operation including all OnStar functions, App Shop etc! If you have a 2019 more parts will be necessary to ensure  100% OEM operation; you can find that information detailed in the FAQ section.

Please make sure you read through the ENTIRE description / Q&A section so you understand what this upgrade entails and if your vehicle is capable of it.


Q: How do I know if this upgrade will work for me?
A: You will need to have the IOS (Mid Level) Radio without navigation (With an SD Card Slot) or the IOT (Up Level) Navigation Radio currently for this system to work. It will NOT work on IOR equipped vehicles. If you are confused as to which version your vehicle has you can check the QR code on your build label to see which radio you have.

Q: How do you know which options I have?
A: We will configure the unit using the factory build data associated with your vin for options 360 cameras, Trailering app etc.

Q: It’s really plug and play?
A: Yes the unit arrives ready to go and pre registered with GM for infotainment feature continuity and plug and play simplicity. The ONLY thing you’ll have to do if you happen to have an active XM account will be to call them and tell them the new radio ID to transfer service over.

Q: Does this kit include the map database?
A: Yes it sure does!

Q: How hard is the install?
A: Pretty easy if you take your time and have basic Automotive knowledge. The unit resides below the glove box so you must remove the lower insulator under the glove box, remove a small inverter, possibly unplug a harness to move out of the way then unplug the old unit release it from its mount then install the new unit. We are over simplifying it here but its really not a bad install, just need a good small automotive pick, a 10mm socket and some patience. You can click HERE for the installation instructions to see what you’re in for!

Q: What changes are necessary to facilitate installation into a 2019?
A: For 2020+ GM introduced a separate WiFi Antenna that the 2019’s are lacking. This antenna is primarily used for updates however with heavy hotspot load the unit can also start using this additional antenna in conjunction with the internal one to keep everything running properly. The good news is that while the OEM version is very hard to mount we have found a suitable inexpensive aftermarket version that in testing works just fine for this application. You can source that unit on amazon by clicking HERE. The other change you need to be aware of is GM changed the camera architecture slightly as well in 2020+. This means if you have a UVB (single rear view camera) equipped truck you must also replace this camera as well; 270/360 camera systems do not seem to have any issues with the new. This camera can be found from many online parts retailers, your local dealer etc and is very simple to swap out. The part number for the UVB Camera is 84884484. You can see the 2019 Specific Installation Addendum by clicking HERE.

7 reviews for Silverado / Sierra Wireless Car Play / Android Auto, Navigation and HD Radio Upgrade

  1. Blake Harris (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Took me an hour total to install. Love wireless CarPlay!! Well worth the price to me!

  2. Jarett Logsdon (verified owner)

    I installed the WAMS wireless android/car play radio on my 2020 truck 2 days ago. It only took me 20 minutes to install but I am pretty good with connectors. WAMS has good instructions on how to do the swap. It is two 10mm nuts and disconnecting ~8 plugs for a Silverado. The radio comes nicely packaged with a SD card for navigation. I plugged radio in, put my email in for onstar and everything was ready to go. I gained wireless car play and android auto. I get in truck and the android auto app connects automatically. I retrofitted an OEM wireless charger on my truck so it is really nice to just set my phone down or keep in my pocket and android auto automatically connects, no more wires. I was having problems with my wire connecting prior to this. I also have the OEM navigation which works great. I retrofitted 360 cameras on my truck also with help of WAMS back in June. With this radio upgrade I gained the LTZ/HC trailer app that (with my 360 upgrade) allows me to enter trailer dimensions for invisible trailer, jack knife warning and trailer blind spot warning, the prior two are upgrades for the 2021 trailering app. This is truly smooth OEM function. WAMS is providing a brand new $800 radio (same functionality that is in 2021 trucks) and a $300 sd card. I think this is a great value for the programming and equipment you get, especially considering people are paying $600 for GPS only upgrade which is basically just a SD card. Thank you WAMS for offering these very cool OEM solutions.

  3. Michael Cropper (verified owner)

    After Chevy announced the 2021 models would have wireless CarPlay I was disappointed that I had just bought a 2020 model year. I figured it was a matter of time until someone came up with a way to upgrade the earlier trucks and I was thrilled when I saw WAMS was working on it. I ordered as soon as it was available and I am incredibly happy with my purchase. Install is easy if you take your time and don’t rush the connector removal. Once everything is installed, it just works. All my profile information loaded immediately and worked the same as my factory radio. Wireless CarPlay connects immediately and works great. Considering my truck didn’t come with navigation, getting both wireless Carplay and factory navigation made this a very economical upgrade.

  4. ROBERT RILEY (verified owner)

    I installed the Silverado / Sierra Wireless Car Play / Android Auto radio upgrade in my 2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD AT4 about a week ago. So far I’m very pleased with the results and use it for wireless Car Play. Thanks to my size, long arms, big hands and unfamiliarity with the connectors, it took me a couple of hours to install. For those also unfamiliar with the connectors, the tool I would add to the list (auto pick set, metal trim removal tool and socket wrench) is a small inspection mirror so you can see the back side of the connectors to unlock them. I didn’t unplug the large harness running across the area mentioned in the instructions but did take it’s mounts loose. The instructions / diagrams are brief but complete and to the point. A bonus to this upgrade I received is another free 3 months of Sirius XM when switching over my account. I really like being able to Apple-Map my destination and just lay my phone on the wireless charger and head out. I would definitely purchase again.

  5. romclean (verified owner)

    Installed the Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto module in my 2020 High Country 1500. This thing works flawlessly ! It’s a little tight up in the dash when you’re installing it, but if you take your time it’s quite simple. CarPlay just works now when I get in the truck, no wires, just get in and go. I wouldn’t recommend those other “Adapters” you find on Facebook, this is the real deal factory solution and it just works – awesome support too.

  6. Keegan Smith (verified owner)

    This works fantastic when you get it installed. Install isn’t easy, takes patience and time and the right tools but well worth the trouble. Great product.

  7. russelldeanlong (verified owner)

    My favorite mod so far. I installed it today in under an hour. I watched a few youtube videos from a few vendors that made install a breeze. Wireless Andriod Auto and OEM nav work flawlessly. It actually fixed the FM statiin browse issue I had in my old unit and I pick up more stations to boot. Great product, fast shipping and great customer support.

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