Replacement GM HMI Module 2.5 2.0 1.1

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The HMI Module used in various GM vehicles is relatively prone to several internal issues as well as complete failure and is one of our most requested replacement parts. Simply select your vehicle model year (for 2013 and 2015 applications use the note below) and HMI Type (Factory Navigation or Non) and we’ll get the appropriate North American Spec factory new* unit for your application pre-programmed and ready for a simple plug and play swap; no need to visit the dealer!

You MUST choose the appropriate SAME MODEL YEAR AND TYPE (Navigation or Non) HMI for your vehicle as this is not intended to be an upgrade of any sort; its simply a replacement HMI with factory spec programming (unless you choose one of the add ons) and the GM parts warranty. If you’re interested in an upgrade such as adding Navigation or Apple CarPlay / Android Auto please see the various upgrades offered in other categories on the site as THIS WILL NOT ADD IT. AGAIN THIS IS A FACTORY REPLACEMENT PART WITH FACTORY PROGRAMMING. On the older vehicles it may be CHEAPER or similar in price to get the full Android Auto / CarPlay Upgrade Kit vs just this HMI as the older units are generally more expensive so please consider that option as it includes faster upgraded modules with Apple CarPlay and Android auto. You can check those kits out by clicking HERE.

For 2013 Applications (Cadillac CUE only) we will provide an upgraded 2.0 unit not the original 1.1 spec. This is a factory approved replacement and will result in better performance as well.

For 2015 applications many platforms had a 2015.5 model year of sorts with a slightly different HMI. If you have a 2015 with option “VV4” on your build sticker (in vehicle WiFi) choose the 2015.5 application. If you are unsure which of these you may have please email us to confirm and we’ll instruct which to choose based on your vehicles build.

As mentioned above this product is for North American Spec vehicles ONLY.

*We will supply a brand new HMI wherever possible however some of the older applications only have FACTORY refurbished units available (not some used junk off eBay). These are as good as new and still carry the full GM warranty.

Please make sure your vehicle has been professionally diagnosed with an HMI failure prior to purchase as there are many things that can present as an HMI failure but aren’t HMI related.

About the optional Add Ons:
Choose this to upgrade the Map Database to the Model Year data listed. Generally we always offer the most up to date available data at about a 1/3 of the cost of doing it after purchase.

Full HMI Unlock Programming: Adds a ton of useful features at a discounted price. Please Click Here for the full feature set of this awesome Add On!

Q: Do these units come programmed?
A: Yes they are pre programmed.

Q: Do I need to visit a dealer after installing one of these?
A: No the units are pre-programmed for a plug and play replacement.

Q: How do I determine if I have an HMI based application or if this product will work for me?
A: You will need to locate your RPO list label (generally in the glove box) and look for RPO IO5 or IO6.

Q: Can this be used to retrofit Car Play or Android Auto?
A: No you would need to check our kit specifically for that which includes other needed parts and info.

Q: Will this fix “X” issue that I’m experiencing?
A: The infotainment bus in HMI equipped vehicles is extremely complicated with many modules and factors involved in its operation. We recommend ANY potential HMI issue be diagnosed by a dealer prior to ordering a replacement. Even the Ghost Input issue below should be diagnosed prior to ordering a new screen even given the high odds it’s the culprit.

Q: My infotainment says “Waiting for Update Media” is this my HMI?
A: Yes it is and this is a very common mode of failure for them and this will fix that.

Q: My display is randomly registering inputs, changing stations on its own basically like a ghost is operating it; will this fix that?
A: Generally speaking no. Ghost Touch/Inputs are typically caused by a faulty digitizer in the screen. We do carry the screens for the K2 Pickup/SUV in the replacement parts categoryfor this reason.

Q: My unit said “NO VIN” when installed is that normal?
A: Yes thats normal assuming your vehicle is functioning correctly it will say that briefly at install and go away never to be seen again.


1 review for Replacement GM HMI Module 2.5 2.0 1.1

  1. Robert O’Konski (verified owner)

    Exact replacement for my failed HMI module in my 2016 GMC Canyon. Ordered the part on a weekend, and had it in my hand 10 days later. Simple replacement, 15 minutes start-to-finish.
    Thanks for offering this fantastic service. My truck is back!

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