G8 Custom Manual Trans Conversion BCM Programming Service




This is custom BCM programming for owners switching from an Automatic Transmission to a Manual and the programming Includes the following features:

-Full OEM setup for a Manual Transmission
-Full DRL DELETE  both the annoying indicator on the dash and the actual DRL operation
-Turn signals and tail lamps about 10% brighter
-Ability to turn fogs/highs and lows all on at the same time REALLY BRIGHT!
-New wiper wash calibration with choice of new 3 wipes with wash (instead of the fourth immediate wipe that nearly ALWAYS smears your windshield) or 3+1 wipes. 3 immediate wipes and one final wipe about 10 seconds later for drips.

The BCM is easily accessible behind the drivers side lower IP trim, this module is plug and play except for the setup instructions below.


Custom BCM programming REQUIRES a Brake Pedal Position and SDM key relearn after the BCM is reinstalled. This procedure takes less than two minutes with a Tech 2 (or other compatible high end scan tool). The car CAN be driven after installation however the Airbags may not deploy (the lamp will be on) and it  the tail lamps may turn on incorrectly, cruise control may not work etc. until these procedures are completed.

The vehicle must be wired to factory manual specifications as well as other modules needing to be converted to FACTORY manual spec such as the ECM.

This is a programming service. You must ship your BCM to us for the programming we do not supply hardware for this service.


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