2013 XTS Intellibeam Retrofit Programming Service





WAMS Exclusive this custom programming allows the 2013 to utilize the Cadillac Intellibeam Auto Headlamp system. This allows the high beams to come on automatically when conditions are correct. This function is easily turned on and off by manipulating the high beam controls in a short sequence (as shown in our youtube demo). The system is entirely plug and play and requires nothing but programming of the FCM (front camera module).

Removal and shipping of the FCM module is easy its under a beauty cover on the right side of the inside rear view mirror. Simply order this product, remove that module, ship it to us VIA UPS or FedEx ONLY and plug it back in when it arrives! You will lose lane departure, following distance and collision detection while this module is out of the vehicle.

This programming is currently only available for XTS without the Drive Assist (adaptive cruise) package.


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