2014-2019 K2XX Truck / SUV WAMS Spec BCM Programming

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WAMS Spec BCM programming is the result of countless hours of development as well as copious amounts of customer input and feedback . We’ve taken our most commonly requested modifications (and thrown in some new ones as well!) and rolled them all into one convenient, easy to order package; all at a more desirable price point.

So what features does a WAMS Spec BCM afford you?

  • Remote Start Enabled (Customer will still need a remote start key fob to utilize it)
  • Remote Start Cycle time extended to 20 minutes per cycle
  • Factory Alarm/Theft Deterrent Added to base model trucks
  • Factory Heated seat support added for trucks that don’t have it (wiring required obviously)
  • Turn signal “Hyper Flash” Deleted
  • Turn Signal Bulb Outage Detection Deleted
  • Fog lamps remain on with High Beam
  • Fog lamps no longer disable Intellibeam
  • Fog lamps remain on with Intellibeam/Auto High Beam enabled (if equipped)
  • Tap to pass (turn signal activation) bumped up from 3 to 4 flashes
  • Windows down from key fob added (For 2014-2015) PENDING AUTOSYNC PATCH
  • Windows down from key fob changed to Driver and Passenger front Windows only PENDING AUTOSYNC PATC
  • Window down from key fob changed to allow “Vent” setting (release key fob to stop window motion prior to complete lowering) PENDING AUTOSYNC PATCH
  • Driver (and passenger on utilities) window UP from key fob (hold lock to raise). Express up windows are required to make this work and currently the K2 Pickups only have one on the driver’s side. PENDING AUTOSYNC PATCH
  • Trucks with a 98MPH speed limiter the limiter is raised slightly  to allow a stock truck (a Denali for example) to run a full quarter mile without hitting the speed limiter before the end of the quarter.
  • Optional FULL Speed Limiter Removal – Great for expensive to tune applications like the L5P etc. *NOTE: Not compatible with LML equipped vehicles.

For this particular service due to processing time and the obvious downtime associated with shipping these in we have shifted all of our resources to delivery from a ship in service to our AutoSync tool.

The AutoSync will not arrive ready to immediately program your vehicle however it will have instructions on how to register the unit. After registration of unit you’ll need to connect the AutoSync to WiFi as outlined in the AutoSync Instructions (either in vehicle or off board) and the unit will push your vehicles information to a server. After the push process is completed your vehicle/configuration specific calibration will be built and can then be downloaded to the device via WiFi for you to program your truck. This portion of the process is not instant and is subject to the lead time listed in your order confirmation email. You can find the exact instructions on how to register the device and push/pull your data by clicking HERE.

If you already have an AutoSync please do not order this version of the service but instead check out the product specifically for existing customers.

*note the extra cost on the 2017+ units is due to additional labor due to increased security.


1 review for 2014-2019 K2XX Truck / SUV WAMS Spec BCM Programming

  1. Gerald Flashing (verified owner)

    It kind of reminds me of how people used to jailbreak their phones back in the day, but for your truck! Easy to install, use, and update! Worth every penny, i highly recommend it! And on top of that, customer service from both WAMS and BTD is some of the best I’ve dealt with!

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