Video Processing Module (VPM) Programming Service 2019-2022.1 T1 Pickup (Global A)




Have you converted your 270/360 Degree Camera equipped Pickup to Trailering Mirrors? Perhaps you converted from Trailering Mirrors back to standard units or simply want to upgrade to the VPM with more inputs for trailering cameras or front camera etc. Either way WAMS has you covered with this exclusive custom programming to program your VPM to suit your wants/needs.

If you’ve done a mirror conversion and don’t wish to add any more views (or you already have the trailering cameras) you will need to send in the VPM from your vehicle. If you’re adding extra camera views e.g. trailering you’ll need to confirm the part number you wish to supply with us prior to ordering to make sure its compatible with your application. This service is compatible with both 5 Channel and 10 Channel VPM depending on what you want your end result to be. If you have a  2019 and are converting to trailering mirrors please contact us before ordering this service.

This is a ship in service for the VPM silver box only. You don’t need to send anything else other than the module to us. This service does not include any hardware you must ship in your VPM unit OR a part number verified with us via Email for a retrofit/upgrade situation. This service is ONLY for vehicles that a VPM currently, we have not tested a retrofit into a vehicle that doesnt have a VPM as it may require additional programming on different modules.


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