Denali / High Country Cluster Programming Service 2019-2023* (T1)

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This exclusive service for a cluster you are providing allows for complete 100% factory correct operation of a T1 Denali or High Country cluster (that you supply or simply choose to have us supply a brand new unit under the retrofit kit found HERE!) into a non Denali or High Country Pickup properly with plug and play simplicity! We can also suppress warnings/errors etc please email for pricing on those applications as they are custom. NOTE: The Denali style version is whats pictured above and this again is a SERVICE for a cluster you are providing to us to program.

This service is 100% custom to your vehicle and options and can be tweaked for mods such as added OEM navigation, added front park assist, HUD hardware retrofit etc.

We will setup all clusters for Navigation regardless as it will allow you to turn off the speed limit menus and simply enable them if you retrofit navigation. We’ve found this to be the simplest method to make everyone happy and negate the need to send the unit back for additional programming.

In order to Utilize the Music, Navigation (if Equipped) and Phone menus you will need to have a factory IOS or IOT radio; the IOR does not have the capability to drive those menus, including third party IOR to IOU upgrades at this time.



Q: How does this work?
A: First figure out your application (E.G. Gas US Spec and model year) and using the parts list below you source the appropriate cluster (new or used). If you wish to have 100% OEM functionality AND retain your factory or factory backed extended warranty you MUST have us supply a new unit by purchasing the retrofit kit item. If you are supplying the unit it MUST MATCH your Model Year, Market and Engine Type. You then place an order and follow the shipping instructions provided to send the cluster in to us. Upon return simply plug the unit in and you’ll be golden; yes it’s really that simple.

Q: Can you do this for Export (Metric clusters)?
A: Yes we can and we can supply them as well via the drop down.

Q: Will I lose any features?
A: No you should not lose any features that you had before.

Q: Will I gain any features?
A: You may gain some features as the Denali/High Country clusters have slightly different menus. We can also enable things you have added such as indicators for front park assist or the Navigation menu if you have added factory navigation which is why we ask for those of you with the IOS radio. If you have added FACTORY options that your truck didn’t have please put what you have added in the notes section.

Q: Will this work in for my 2022.5-2023 1500 or 2024+ 2500/3500 “Refresh” truck?
A: No. This service is specifically for the 2019-2022 T1 trucks if you have a 2022.5 this is not the product for that application. You can verify you have a 2022.5 if you have the “new refresh” 1500 version truck or simply check your RPO’s for “J22” or if the last 8 of your vin starts with “NG5” or “NZ5” or higher for example “NG6” or “NZ6” etc. While there are some lower trim level 2022.5-2024 Trucks that appear to have the previous generation interior/electronics this is not the case as everything electrical subsystem wise is completely different and not compatible. This WILL work for all 2022 and 2023 2500/3500’s.

Q: Can you delete warning indicators for items I may have removed from the Vehicle??
A: Yes we can, this would all be custom and priced as such, contact us for details.

Q. What Menus are included in the Expanded Menu Set?
A: A true un buffered/unscaled coolant temperature readout. The factory gauge is heavily buffered/skewed; This reads true coolant temp. Top consumers: Shows which features currently being used are costing you fuel economy; and how much. Economy Trend: Shows fuel economy on a scale of 0-30 MPG over the course of 30 miles. Individual Oil Temp and Oil Pressure Readouts. A combined menu that shows Oil Temp and Oil Pressure on one page. Performance Timer: Timer can be set from 0-60 or from any stop/start point you choose. Lap Timer (2020-21 only): Can be used to clock “laps” or any time between points/events. G-Force Meter (2020-21 Only): Shows instant and peak-hold Lateral and Longitudinal G-Forces exerted on the vehicle. For Turbocharged Applications (L3B/LM2/L5P) a Boost Gauge that reads in available % of boost.Please Note: Not all engines and trim combinations support all of the features above; we do enable them all though. If one is not supported simply disable that menu from appearing. For example some HD trucks show -40 for Oil Temp as its not broadcast on the bus to read.

Q: What is the HUD Retrofit Option?
A: This enables the unit to drive a heads up display. Yes it can be installed no we do not provide support for that end of it but you should reach out to for wiring harness info to make that switch. If you have forward collision alert and are not 110% set on doing the HUD upgrade we recommend you do NOT choose this option as it will disable the LED Forward Collision Alert indicator.

Q: What is the Odometer Lock Option?
A: The Odometer lock  option removes the odometer hard lock from a cluster that has been tampered with or improperly installed/programmed (Odometer Showing ——).

Q. Why don’t you ask for my Mileage? What happens to my odometer?
A. Your odometer will sync to your vehicle at install at the correct current milage this plug and play with no user intervention required.

Q: What about my engine hours?
A: Generally these are reset to zero. These are not required at a federal or state level however if you wish to keep them we need a print out from a dealership using GDS2 software. They can print a report showing your vin as well as idle and total hours.

Q: Do I need steering wheel controls to use this cluster?
A: Yes you need factory (or properly retrofit) steering wheel controls to interact with the menus on these units. Adding this cluster along with the proper steering wheel controls and harness from found HERE adds full audio steering wheel controls as well as cluster controls to boot to IOR equipped trucks!

Q: Do I need to send in my factory cluster?
A. No, we only need you to send the Denali or High Country cluster you sourced for this upgrade.

2 reviews for Denali / High Country Cluster Programming Service 2019-2023* (T1)

  1. Jarett Logsdon (verified owner)

    Hooked up my WAMS programmed cluster yesterday. Turnaround time was fast. Swap took me 15 minutes. The display is much nicer than the old cluster. All the menus are larger and colors are crisper and brighter. The digital gauges are more up to date looking. The expanded cluster options are very cool! Laptimer, zero to 60, g forces, and actual numeric readings from temperature gauges are very helpful and fun to play with. Will be attempting to add HUD soon. WAMS is the BEST and one of a kind! Thank you WAMS for making solutions to add OEM upgrades.

  2. Terry Russell (verified owner)

    Ordered the programming after grabbing a Denali cluster from the bay. Took a few emails back and forth but once situated, was an easy ship, wait, and install. Turn around was quicker than quoted and incredibly happy with the decision. The difference between the stock and the Denali is literally night and day, Esp as fan of a blue type theme. I ordered the extra features but not sure it was worth it. Regardless, I’ve installed new shocks, rims, tires, tint, sub, and cat back and this is my favorite modification. Thanks WAMs

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