4.2″ Color Cluster Upgrade Kit for Steering Wheel Audio Controls 2019-2023* (T1)

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This exclusive product allows for factory correct operation of a brand new (full warranty) 4.2″ Color Cluster into your base model T1 Pickup with plug and play simplicity! This upgrade is ONLY for vehicles equipped with the base radio RPO (Option Code) IOR. If you have IOS/IOT infotainment OR Wish to have the larger 8″ Cluster check out our Denali / High Country / Tech Package Upgrade HERE. The IOR radio when combined with this cluster upgrade, steering wheel radio controls and the Upgrade Harness from HarnessDr.com will allow for full steering wheel control operation of the Radio. This upgrade is NOT compatible with the 2022.5 and 2023 1500 “Refresh” trucks. Please use the information in the FAQ portion to determine if you have a 2022.5. If you order this for a 2022.5+ 1500 despite numerous warnings there will be restocking fees. This product IS compatible with all 2022 and 2023 2500/3500 IOR applications.

Please make sure you read the entire Description / FAQ prior to ordering.

NOTE: The Chevrolet Style cluster is whats pictured above the GMC version can be seen in the Gallery.

This product is 100% custom to your vehicle and options and can be tweaked for mods such as factory fog lamps, added front park assist etc.

PLEASE NOTE: These units are special order and subject to varying lead time beyond our control. Please make sure you triple check your selected cluster before checking out as the system automatically places an order with the manufacturer. 2019-2023 US Spec Chevrolet are currently on backorder.


Q: How does this work?
A: You place an order for a cluster using the menus above based on your market (US Spec or Export) cluster type and engine/fuel type.  Upon delivery (after installing your new steering wheel controls that you sourced and HarnessDr.com harness) simply plug the unit in and you’ll be golden; yes it’s really that simple.

Q: Does this include the steering wheel?
A: No there are many types and colors of wheels it would be very difficult to properly address them all. You are responsible for sourcing the wheel and harness, the harness can be found at HarnessDr.com. Please make sure you are sourcing the proper wheel or controls that matches your cruise control type! Failure to do so (meaning a wheel or controls for adaptive cruise) will result in the cruise control being inoperative. A GM dealer can confirm the proper wheel part number based on the RPO codes your vehicle was built with.

Q: Can you do this for Export (Metric clusters)?
A: Yes we can supply them as well via the drop down.

Q: What does “NO AUTO STOP” mean in the cluster selection?
A: This selection is for two types of trucks, the first being heavy duty (2500/3500) trucks with the L8T 6.6L GAS engine. The second type is those built during the 2021/2022 model years that had an optional (or forced) Auto Stop delete. You can identify if you have one of these by looking at your tachometer and if you DON’T have a marking labeled “AUTO STOP” these are the clusters you are looking for.

Q: Will this work in my new 2022.5+ 1500 Refresh truck?
A: No this product is specifically for the 2019-2022 1500 T1 trucks if you have a 2022.5+ this is not the product for that application. You can verify you have a 2022.5 if you have the “new refresh” 1500 version truck or simply check your RPO’s for “J22” or if the last 8 of your vin starts with “NG5” or “NZ5” or higher for example “NG6” or “NZ6″ etc. While there are some lower trim level 2022.5 Trucks that appear to have the previous generation interior/electronics this is not the case as everything electrical subsystem wise is completely different and not compatible. This WILL work for all 2022 and 2023 2500/3500’s with the IOR infotainment.

Q: Will I lose any features?
A: No you should not lose any features that you had before however due to changes in operation certain functions may operate differently and we’ve tried to detail any of those here in these FAQ’s.

Q: Will I gain any features?
A: You may gain some features as the 4.2” clusters have slightly different menus.

Q: Can you delete warning indicators for items I may have removed from the Vehicle??
A: Yes we can, this would all be custom and priced as such, contact us for details.

Q: I added Fog Lamps to my truck will the indicator show?
A: We set up all units for Fog Lamp support just in case you choose to add them down the road or have already done so.

Q. Why don’t you ask for my Mileage? What happens to my odometer?
A. Your odometer will sync to your vehicle at install at the correct current milage this plug and play with no user intervention required.

Q: What about my engine hours?
A: Generally these ship set at zero. These are not required at a federal or state level however if you wish to keep them we need a report from a dealership using GDS2 software showing them. They can print a report showing your vin as well as idle and total hours. The hours should be noted on the order and a copy of the report scanned and emailed to us for record keeping.

Q: Do I need steering wheel controls to use this cluster?
A: Yes you need properly retrofit steering wheel controls to interact with the menus on these units. Adding this cluster along with the proper steering wheel controls and harness from HarnessDR.com found HERE adds full audio steering wheel controls as well as cluster controls to boot to IOR equipped trucks!

Q: My MPG/Range at install is WAY off is that normal?
A: Completely Normal! The new cluster has no baseline yet. You should start to see it normalize (or be close to completely normal) after one full tank of fuel has been consumed and the vehicle filled up. The remote app may take longer to normalize as it uses a “lifetime” MPG reading.

Q: Do I need to send in my factory cluster?
A. Nope! We are sending you a factory fresh unit.

6 reviews for 4.2″ Color Cluster Upgrade Kit for Steering Wheel Audio Controls 2019-2023* (T1)

  1. Christopher Ogden (verified owner)

    I installed this cluster last night in my 2020 Custom Trail Boss, along with the wire from Dr. Harness. It was a relatively easy mod, although the wire installation was a bit cumbersome (mainly because of my aging eyesight). I am happy to report that all of the steering wheel controls work on the new steering wheel, and the backlighting is also functional. It was an excellent upgrade. In addition, the cluster arrived in just over a week from the initial order. Very satisfied with the purchase.

  2. Michael Marcasciano (verified owner)

    Great service and delivered earlier than expected. Gauge cluster adds a whole other element to the Custom Trail Boss.

  3. Seth Anderson (verified owner)

    Installed this in my 2022 Silverado 2500HD W/T utility truck. Worked perfectly! Got the harness from Dr Harness to go with it, found the OEM steering wheel on Ebay. Took about 2hrs to put it all together, and now I have what feels like an LT truck. All functions/buttons work on the steering wheel, and I now have access to so many more menus on the dash compared to the W/T cluster. Love it. Very satisfied with WAMS product.

  4. Matt Womack (verified owner)

    Not only do they have great product, they have the BEST customer service. I highly recommend these guys!

  5. John VANDERHOOGT (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast 2 week turnaround my only concern was I never received a email indicating it was shipped until it was arriving on my doorstep.
    But it was a fast install took about a hour and everything looks and works perfectly.
    Big thanks for a great product!

  6. Chris De Jesus (verified owner)

    I installed this cluster with the Dr. Harness wire and steering wheel with controls on my 2020 WT. I’m really happy with how it came out. I like the interface a lot more than the Denali/High Country dash as it suits the lower model trim nicer and isn’t too far off from the OEM one. However, the little things such as the color screen I can now toggle through with the steering wheel, the light around the main gauges, and obviously the radio controls via steering wheel is super nice to have. It’s the little things! This particular cluster was on back-order so I didn’t receive it until four months later, but I really appreciate WAMS posting up their current processing/lead times with an updated date. Although it took a long time to come in for reasons beyond their control, they came through and delivered so I recommend you trust the process.

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