Camaro Wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, Navigation and HD Radio Upgrade 2019+

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Add seamless Wireless Car Play, Wireless Android Auto, Factory Navigation and HD Radio to your IOS or IOT equipped 2019-2020 Camaro with plug and play simplicity!

This WAMS exclusive upgrade includes a brand new radio module custom programmed to your vehicles specific content AND more importantly it’s pre-registered on the GM Back End for plug and play simplicity and 100% OEM operation including all OnStar functions, App Shop etc!

Please make sure you read through the ENTIRE description / Q&A section so you understand what this upgrade entails and if your vehicle is capable of it.


Q: How do I know if this upgrade will work for me?
A: You will need to have the IOS (Mid Level) Radio without navigation (With an SD Card Slot) or the IOT (Up Level) Navigation Radio with Bose (UQA) currently for this system to work. It will NOT work on IOR equipped vehicles. If you are confused as to which version your vehicle has you can check the QR code on your build label to see which radio you have.

Q: How can I tell which Audio Type I have?
A: Use the same instructions as above and scan the QR built code and look for RPO UQA (Bose) or UQF for Base.

Q: How do you know which options I have?
A: We will configure the unit using the factory build data associated with your vin for options like spectrum lighting, PDR etc.

Q: It’s really plug and play?
A: Yes the unit arrives ready to go and pre registered with GM for infotainment feature continuity and plug and play simplicity. The ONLY thing you’ll have to do if you happen to have an active XM account will be to call them and tell them the new radio ID to transfer service over.

Q: Does this kit include the map database?
A: Yes it sure does!

Q: How hard is the install?
A: Pretty easy if you take your time and have basic Automotive knowledge. The unit resides behind the glove box so you must remove the lower insulator under the glove box, unplug the old unit release it from its mount then install the new unit. You can find installation instructions HERE.

Q: Are there any special details about the 2019 model year?
A: Yes there is a missing WiFi antenna that the system uses to pull OTA updates and load distribution if a lot of devices are connected to it. You can find a simple plug and play unit (vs the OEM tear the dash out method) HERE on Amazon that works perfectly!

4 reviews for Camaro Wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, Navigation and HD Radio Upgrade 2019+

  1. Thomas Friedberg (verified owner)

    Works great on 2020 Camaro 2SS. No problem with install. Android Auto wireless jumped up with no issues. How cool. I tried all the other alternatives, and nothing worked like this one. New unit. GM Part Number. Checks all the “boxes”.

  2. Jack Duer (verified owner)

    Great upgrade for my 2019 ZL-1 that was ordered with out factory nav. Apple car play connects quickly, the factory nav is very good and HD radio is nice . I also sent my cluster in for the custom programming to allow nav guidance and speed limit icons to display in the Head Up Display, the whole upgrade works seamlessly just like the factory installed version in my 2020 – 2500HD. A new 2021 GM radio module is included and allows you to keep your original and with out paying a core charge.
    WAMS customer service is also very good and fast. I dont know who always responded to my questions but he was always fast and knew the answers to my questions. I was a little apprehensive about e mail only correspondence for tech support but it was not a problem at all.
    The install was not difficult at all, just take your time with the secondary locks on the connectors. I waited for a year for WAMS to get this to market and it was most definitely worth it, i would highly recommend this upgrade, alot of bang for your buck.

  3. chrisgreenback (verified owner)

    Installed in my 2020 ZL1 and couldn’t be happier. I had a lot of questions for WAMS from installation to post installation and they answered quickly and correctly. There were no surprises and everything was very straight forward. The module showed up packed perfectly and everything worked as advertised. It is a bit pricey but for what you get, including the incredible customer service from WAMS it’s worth it. My Apple CarPlay iPhone connects immediately upon starting the car, and it only took one phone call to Sirius for them to transfer service to the new module. thanks again WAMS!!!

  4. Dan McNamee (verified owner)

    Installed in my 2020 2SS. Works like a charm! I’d tried a couple different wireless carplay solutions and none of them worked reliably. With this, I start my car and it just connects and works. I’ve also noticed other improvements as well. On my original module that came in the car, I had problems with the video stuttering on the back up camera. With the new module it’s smooth as silk. Same with the navigation, I would often get stuttering on on the scrolling while I was driving, but no more. The addition of the HD Radio channels is nice too, also I hadn’t updated my maps through GM yet, I also got the updates with the new module, saving me $100 on buying the updates.

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