2014-2015.5 Android Auto / Car Play Retrofit Programming




This programming allows 2016+ (Please confirm part numbers before ordering this service or any hardware as we have a confirmed match list we can provide!) HMI and Radio modules (that you supply!) to function in a 2014-2015 Spec vehicle. The basic service includes WAMS exclusive custom retrofit programming for modules of the same most bus revision with the option (hardware mismatch) to use different modules bumped to the same (latest spec) revision for proper functionality.There is no longer a charge for hardware mismatch however understand if you deviate from the list we provide you may not be able to upgrade your cluster later to gain steering wheel controls.

This service can also be used to restore Car Play/Android Auto functionality on 2016 vehicles built without it (as quite a few were)

There are other HMI and Radio programming options as well available as custom orders via an email quote.

Please contact us prior to ordering any hardware or this service for our fitment list!

You must disconnect the battery from the vehicle before reinstalling your freshly programmed modules.


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