Camaro Uplevel Instrument Cluster Upgrade Kit 2016-2024

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We realize there is a lot to read here but it’s in everyone’s best interest to read all of the information presented here. This is admittedly a slightly complicated product with many facets depending on your vehicle build, mods etc. We have tried to make this as comprehensive and easy to understand as humanly possible but if we missed something please drop us a line and ask!

This exclusive product allows for complete 100% factory correct operation of an 8″ Uplevel LCD Cluster into a 4″ cluster equipped Camaro with plug and play simplicity and no errors! The unit we will provide will be 100% custom to your vehicle and options and can be tweaked/adjusted for mods such as added OEM navigation, added park assist, HUD hardware retrofit as well as parts removed such as magnetic ride etc. The best part is they are BRAND NEW with warranty.

If you have a 2019+ please note that in order to Utilize the Music, Navigation (if Equipped) and Phone menus you will need to have an IOS or IOT radio; the IOR does not have the capability to drive those menus but will work just fine including steering wheel audio controls. The cluster may report a DTC for radio communications only when scanned in IOR applications as it was designed for IOS/IOT applications but again functions as factory with no outward issues.

Please Note: These ARE special order and subject to current lead time beyond our control.


Q: How does this work?
A: First figure out your application (E.G. Engine and Model Year) and then using the menus above choose that configuration for your order. Upon delivery (and after installing the required wiring harness if necessary) simply plug the unit in and you’ll be golden; yes it’s really that simple.

Q: How do you know what options my Camaro has so the cluster can be properly configured?
A: From your VIN! If you have added any factory options you think the cluster should display or interact with just put them in the order notes.

Q: Will this work on my LT1 trim Camaro?
A: YES! This kit was partially developed with an LT1 we had as a test vehicle. EVERYTHING is properly setup for an LT1 via custom programming.

Q. I heard you need to add a small plug and play wiring harness for IO5/IO6 equipped vehicles is that true?
A. Yes, these vehicles are missing some of the wiring to drive the cluster; this harness is available from

Q: What’s the difference between the I4/V6 and V8 units?
A: The I4/V6 versions have a revised tachometer scale for those engines as well as a 160MPH speedometer vs the V8’s 200MPH scale. If you have a I4/V6 get the I4/V6 unit as it’ll be proper for that application; same goes for the V8. THERE ARE NO 200MPH Units for the I4/V6 engines.

Q: Can you do this for Export (Metric clusters)?
A: Yes we can supply them and will eventually add them to the drop down menu but for now just email and ask for your specific application and we will get you setup.

Q: Does it HAVE to be the same model year of cluster as my Camaro?
A: If you wish to have 100% OEM functionality AND retain your factory or factory backed extended warranty you MUST choose the same model year cluster as your Camaro. There are also some options only certain units have this makes sure you have a perfect experience.

Q: I have an IOB Radio will this cluster work in my application?
A: Yes with some caveats. It will “work” however you will not see any audio information and if you have an IOB with steering wheel radio/audio controls you will lose those. Most people get this upgrade to use when replacing the IOB radio. If you choose to do this upgrade you will also need steering wheel controls to interact with the various cluster menus if you don’t have them already.

Q: Will I lose any features?
A: No you should not lose any features that you had before other than the IOB steering wheel control situation above.

Q: Will I gain any features?
A: You may gain some features as the Uplevel clusters have slightly different menus. We can also enable things you have added such as indicators for park assist or the Navigation menu if you have added factory navigation. If you have added FACTORY options that your Camaro didn’t have please put what you have added in the notes section.

Q: Can you delete warning indicators for items I may have removed from the Vehicle??
A: Yes we can, this would all be custom and priced as such, contact us for details.

Q: What is the HUD Retrofit Option?
A: This enables the unit to drive a heads up display module. Yes it can be installed after the fact and requires wiring obviously. We do not provide support for this we simply enable the unit to drive the HUD module as factory, wiring, installation etc is up to the end user.

Q: Do I need to send in or do anything with my factory cluster?
A. Nope! But we do recommend keeping it in case you sell your vehicle. The OEM crates these come in are a great place for them!

16 reviews for Camaro Uplevel Instrument Cluster Upgrade Kit 2016-2024

  1. Israel Perez (verified owner)

    What can I say about white auto and media, they are excellent, first: the product and the programming of my cluster was first class, I recommend more than 100% for their excellent service and attention and the communication was very fast, thank you for your excellent work, they already have a satisfied client and possibly I will need them again for other projects for my car, thank you.

  2. taizmo (verified owner)

    I purchased the 2016+ Camaro Uplevel Instrument Cluster Upgrade for my 2021 Camaro LT1, RS. This was a great upgrade to SS style gauges. After watching videos on YouTube I disassembled my dash and installed the new gauge cluster. I rate this product as excellent and give it five stars!
    It was an easy install! Everything worked and I couldn’t be more satisfied. These guys have a great product. It was packaged well and arrived within about a week. Make this your first choice of any upgrades to your LT1.

  3. Eric Butler (verified owner)

    These guys are great. Nothing but a great experience with WAMS. Cluster is phenomenal! Thanks guys!!

  4. Seth Wyatt (verified owner)

    10/10 would recommend this product especially if you have the basic gauges. Worth it!

  5. robertsuarez40 (verified owner)

    Great stuff awesome awesome cluster looks great you won’t be disappointed great customer service awesome delivery thank you guys keep the good job going

  6. Jake Krause (verified owner)

    Looks amazing! Exactly what I expected and the shipping was quick! Highly recommended!

  7. Oscar Cervantes (verified owner)

    WAMS Y’all are amazing ! Keep it up the work and may god Keep blessing all of you! Something that seemed difficult turned out to be one of the simplest and funnest installations a moment was created as my pops and I installed it. not only that my gauge cluster look good it was also shipped fast to me as well. 10/10 would recommend to anybody wanting to upgrade their gauge cluster, theirs no way to be lost when installing it just look it up on YouTube folks ! Again Thank you WAMS – 2021 Camaro LT1 🇺🇸

  8. james Shepherd (verified owner)

    Thanks guys,it works perfectly, even the v4 light comes on when 4 banging. Very great mod for my 2022 lt1. Was nervous about all functions but all is working.

  9. Philip Scala (verified owner)

    Installed this today, took a couple of hours, as others said, watch videos. Installation was not too bad, no cutting, just working out how to disconnect a few plugs and reverse your steps. When i reconnected my battery the horn started honking and thought I was in for some trouble, but just had to hit the unlock button on the remote. All menu’s worked perfectly and smooth. Its a genuine GM part so does not void your warranty.

  10. ds20.daniel (verified owner)

    tengo que darle 4 stars porque no sirven los botones de volumen y pasar la canción quise ver como solucionarlo pero al parecer no hay solución ya que mi estreno es (iob) pues solo perdí los botones es algo que no me agrada mucho pero en fin. el servicio muy bueno fue rápido en un lapso de 2 semanas llego mi cluster todas las funciones al 100 mis millas todo bien solo el punto de los botones que les mencione si llegara a hacer una actualización se los compartiré en mi canal de YouTube (lidashvlogs)
    bueno esta fue mi reseña quisiera dar 5 estrellas pero ya que no fue barato y tube que instalarlo no puedo dar 5 pero si lo recomiendo leean bien las preguntas frecuentes y pregunten que tipo de radio tienen y si perderán los mismos botones

  11. Charles Kelly (verified owner)

    What can I say about these guys and this upgrade except …… WOW…… ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS
    Shipping was faster then expected (1 week) installation time was quick and all worked perfectly definitely worth it and will be definitely returning soon for the upgraded info system with navigation

  12. jessecarmen0530 (verified owner)

    You guys are the best at what you do!!!!! Cluster was easy to install and it looks amazing in my 2021 Camaro LT1! Love the way it looks and the visual graphics are stunning. Thank you again for this amazing product! 10 STARS ALL THE WAY!

  13. Malcolm Askew (verified owner)

    Service and communication response time was terrific!! Shipping was super fast, and the product was easy to install, TOP SHELF BUSINESS!!

  14. Timothy Hritz (verified owner)

    Great product. Works like a charm in my 2023 Camaro LT1. Pretty easy install only took a little over an hour in my driveway. Would highly recommend this service. A+++

  15. Bruce Scarberry (verified owner)

    I have say one the best upgrades I have done to my lt1 . And it works flawlessly I would recommend this to everyone.

  16. Wayne Kizziar (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Worked perfectly in my 2020 Camaro LT1. Easy to in about two hours in my garage. Huge shout out to WAMS for making this product available and for making it a plug and play item. You cannot go wrong with this fantastic upgrade.

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